2021 Wedding Predictions

by Sunday 3rd January 2021blog

It is definitely safe to say that 2020 was not a year filled with accurate predictions, after revisiting my blog post for 2020 trends it is safe to say that I did not get much right, this year has been one to keep us on our toes and throw many different challenges at couples who planned to marry. There were a small group of couples who did manage to tie the knot this year, whether that be because their date just missed the craziness that began in March or because they were able to go ahead with small guests numbers in the months between the lockdowns. It is definitely safe to say that unfortunately, most couples who planned to wed this year have not been able to do so, most couples from this year have had to postpone their special day to 2021 and beyond. This does not mean that these couples will not be able to have an amazing wedding and celebrate their family and friends, it only means that they have to wait slightly longer for their big day. Which will no doubt be bigger and better than ever when their new date comes round, many couples I have spoken with have looked at the positives in this – yes there are some!

Welcome the Boho Chic Style

There will be a significant rise in demand for Boho styled weddings, many couples will opt for a laid back boho affair with a more down to earth venue maybe a barn or marquee style. With beautiful dried flowers or foliage to substitute the more traditional bright fresh flowers, alongside this couples will likely tie this together with a classic rustic theme – rustic definitely never seems to get old, it is a winner! I expect these brides to opt for less shiny diamonds and more casual dried flower headpieces, uncomplicated and simple wedding dresses with easy to wear fabric that has more natural tones instead of bright white. With grooms focussing on the vintage look whilst also opting for comfy material that looks effortlessly stylish.

Boho Wedding Styled Outdoor Photo Shoot

Bigger and Better than ever

With a significant number of postponed 2020 weddings now booked in for 2021 there will be many couples who have had a difficult year with the stress and emotions on not knowing what is happening they will want to make it all worthwhile and create an unforgettable amazing day. Especially as they will have had more time to save and plan than they originally planned, they will most likely splash out on going all out and booking extra entertainment, food and drinks for their special day. I really do believe that weddings will be bigger than ever, it will certainly be a year to remember for the wedding industry.

Wedding guests wave sparklers for Bride & Groom

Out with the Finger Buffet

With the new normal coming in to play next year with the Coronavirus in existence there will likely be a change in how we do things with weddings, especially when it comes to food. There is going to be an increase in health and safety measures including suppliers and caterers putting plans in place to ensure they are even more hygienic than before. I predict that at least for the first year post-Covid we will see less of the popular finger buffets where guests help themselves and more served food, this could still be the same type of food but instead of guests helping themselves it will be served by waiters with serving utensils to minimise contamination. Or the finger buffet will take a back seat for a while and food items such as singular sandwiches or bacon/sausage baps will be handed out to guests for the evening reception. At this stage, I can’t imagine too much changing with the typical wedding breakfast, mostly the evening reception.

Wedding catering options - hot food buffet

Longer Days for More time to Celebrate

With couples wanting to make the most of their wedding day even more than ever, I believe there will be a significant increase in couples arranging for their wedding day to be even longer than before to create even more time to enjoy their special day and celebrate with their loved ones. If they haven’t already I expect couples to be booking earlier ceremony times and later finishing times, they will explore the options for extending their venue license and evening entertainment to give them the most time possible to have the best day ever! After all, why would you not want one of the best days in your life to last as long as possible? Especially now more than ever!

Traditional Marquee Wedding Reception Guests Dancing

Two Wedding Days

Due to the levels of uncertainty this year has thrown our way there are many couples who have opted for a smaller ceremony with limited guests numbers already this year or with plans to for the spring of 2021. I know a lot of couples have done this or at least planned to so they can at least officially tie the knot with plans to then have the ‘wedding’ celebration at a later date in 2021. So there will definitely be many couples in 2021 who will have two weddings, the official ceremony with the signing of the register then the reception where they can celebrate this with their loved ones.

Couples have realised having more time until their special day gives them more time to plan and save for things they may not have had the chance to do the first time around. So there are definitely swings and roundabouts when it comes to postponing your wedding due to a global pandemic!