3 Ways to encourage your guests to RSVP

by Friday 10th April 2020blog

Getting guests to RSVP has always been on the agenda when it comes to planning your big day and sometimes a simple invite just won’t cut it. What seems like a simple task can quickly become a logistical nightmare and I’m sure every guest list has that handful of family & friends that’ll need that extra reminder.

Make Your Invites Stand Out

Even in the digital age physical invites remain supreme, with relatively little cost you can make your very own personalised invite cards for your guests. Handmade cards are a nice personal way to make your invite noticable and if craftwork isn’t your cup of tea then try and pick a card that is unique and personal to you. The idea is to choose a design that is not overlooked when pinned to a fridge, and talking of fridges personalised magnets can be another way for you to get your guests attention. So think creatively when it comes to invites as it will save you the headache later on.

Bonus tip: Allow space to invite your guest to make a song request to be played by your wedding DJ at the evening reception, use your invites to engage with your guest, the opportunities are endless.

Wedding RSVP Red Envelope 1

Give Them a Friendly Text  Reminder Ahead of the Deadline

We live in an information overload era, 24 hour news cycles, social media, work, it’s no surprise that we forget things. An RSVP will take time for those with other responsibilities to schedule in your day and with information coming at light speed it is easy for your wedding to get lost in all the noise. A friendly text reminder should do the trick to prompt any late comers or to get those who cannot attend to say so.

It can also be a good opportunity to remind guests why it is so important to RSVP, as if they don’t the caterers may not be aware of their dietary requirements or worse they may have no food or drink prepared for them on the day. Texts are great but too much text’s become a headache so don’t overload your guests with a barrage of information and reminders.

Wedding RSVP Mobile Phone

Think Outside the Box

And finally for those of you who are more keen to get names on paper you could try and include an incentive for your guests to confirm, for example the first 5 couple’s to confirm get an extra bottle of wine for their table. Something fun as a reward to get guests to proactively confirm, unconventional? Yes, but it does show that there are plenty of ways to make your invites fun and interactive to stand out. So think outside the box, be creative and get those guests nailed. 

Wedding Breakfast Table Setting

How will you Encourage your guests to RSVP?

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