3 Ways to Deal With Postponing Your Wedding

by Monday 28th September 2020blog

Due to current goings-on (I am sure I don’t need to explain as we have most likely all heard enough of the word!) the majority of couples due to get married in 2020 have had to postpone their wedding to a new date in 2021. This is a situation that is new to all of us, no one in our lifetime has ever dealt with something quite like this before, it is difficult for couples to know how to deal with the situation when no one could possible be prepared for this. Based on my experience throughout the lockdown and my conversations with couples, I have put together below the top 3 ways to help deal with postponing your wedding:

 Focus on the reason for the wedding in the first place – Your love for each other! Remember the core reason for the wedding is to marry the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, this isn’t going to change. Postponing just means that you will have more time engaged to one another until you make it official, enjoy the engagement – you won’t be engaged again! Depending on your circumstances you may have more available time due to the lockdown and most people currently working from home, take it all in and enjoy this precious time being able to enjoy more time with your partner than normal. You can relook forward to your new date together instead of it all already being over.

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Bonus Tip – You don’t have to ignore your original date if that’s not what you want, that date will be significant to you, there are many ways you can still acknowledge your original wedding day. Check out our blog with 5 ways to celebrate your original wedding date after having to postpone.

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You now have more planning and saving time on your hands, use it wisely – You now have extra time to play with, why not save extra money in this time and book extras for the wedding that you weren’t originally able to afford? The extra time will be perfect for relooking at details you felt you had to rush, you can go back through your plans and decide if there is anything you would change, add or take away. There are so many elements to planning a wedding, most of the time you have to prioritise certain areas to allocate more time to, now you can spread that time equally and relook at areas you may have had to overlook. You may have always fancied extra entertainment such as a Photo Booth but ran out of budget and time to look into it, now you can do this! You may end up making arrangements for the new date that when it comes to it you wouldn’t have been able to imagine the wedding without them.

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Reach out to couples in the same position as you – Due to the large scale of couples that have had to postpone their wedding from this year, there will undoubtedly be many couples in your local area and even the same venue as you that are completely in the same position as you. It is a new thing for everyone to deal with, take comfort in speaking with other people in the same boat as yourselves, it is best to talk about it as there will be many emotions going through your mind at the start of postponing the wedding. You can find other couples on wedding groups online such as Facebook, or even through your venues social media pages. If you aren’t quite ready to meet new people face to face just stick to speaking online or over the phone. You will find it better to be open about your feelings with people who understand, you will be able to offer each other advice on how you’ve handled things and even anything they have changed about their wedding plans now they have had the extra time.

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I hope that you find these ways help with your postponement, everyone is different and deals with things in certain ways however I hope that these can help you in some way. Please let me know if you have any other ways that have worked for you or anyone else that you know, I would love to hear from you and be able to help my brides and grooms with as many methods as possible. You can contact me at elizabeth@jackstarweddings.co.uk, please don’t also hesitate to let me know if you would like any further information from me to assist with any new plans for your special day.