3 Ways to Notify Your Guests of a Changing Date

by Friday 17th April 2020blog

Even the most meticulous wedding planners can’t predict every potential problem that could arise before a wedding date. The Covid-19 pandemic is a good example to show no amount of planning can truly make your day untouchable, whether it be a global pandemic or the end of the world sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Hopefully you never need to postpone your wedding but for those that have no other option this blog will outline the methods you can take to notify your guest of a changing date.

Give Them a Call or Arrange a Video Chat

Be direct, get your guest list out and start calling ASAP. Giving your guests a call is a good excuse to have a chat and a good way to ensure they receive all the information on when the new date will be. They will more than likely also have questions for you about this, so it will be easier to discuss this over the phone. If your guest list is rather large it may not be that straightforward to do this as it will be very time consuming. If this is the case maybe you should consider one of the below options instead, you could just use this option for your elderly relatives or guests you know may not have access to email or use text messaging.

wedding couple sending text sms

Send Them a Text or Email

This will be the quickest way to get the information over to your guests, it will also be a quick way for them to reply to say they have received the information and whether or not they are available for the new date. Depending on your guests you may find it easier to send an email as this can be quicker as you can send out one bulk email instead of having to send 100 individual text messages. If you go with the email option just bare in mind that you will need to include all guests in the BCC section, if you don’t do that all guests included on the email will receive everyone’s replies. If you have your own wedding website it could be a good idea to update this and send the link for this in the text or email. This saves you having to fill out all of the information twice. 

wedding guests lists laptop email

Send Out New Save the Date Cards

If you would like to stick with a more traditional formal approach you should send out postponement cards in the post, you could have these designed similar to your previous wedding stationary. This will keep everything similarly themed for your wedding however the downside is this will be the slowest option, it will be unclear how long it will take to get your design complete as well as not knowing when they will reach your guests in the post. Because of this it is probably only a good idea to go with the option if your new date is not coming up soon.

wedding mail save the date cards

don’t just Notify your guests of a changing date

It’s important to remember everyone who is involved in your big day. It goes without saying that before contacting all your guests you would have confirmed the date with your venue, but make sure to remember all your other suppliers too. Whether its the Wedding DJ, Photographer or Hair Stylist they will no doubt be dealing with a large number of other couples who also need to re-arrange their date. Before jumping straight onto a new date it may be worth considering a few options and contacting your suppliers to make sure they are all still available. 

So waste no time, use the methods above and keep track of who has acknowledged the information. Above all else try to stay calm about the situation, easier said than done but your wedding is postponed not cancelled and it won’t be long until your wedding day is just around the corner.