5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Arrange For Before Your Evening DJ Begins

by Tuesday 15th September 2020blog

During your wedding day it is very common that during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast guests feel there is a lot of waiting around time and this is usually the part of the wedding that guests least look forward to for this reason. It can be difficult to know how to overcome this especially with all of the other elements of the day that you need to discuss and arrange, it is also very common for couples to focus so much on their evening entertainment that they forget to think about earlier on in the day. I have put together below 5 entertainment ideas for your daytime to give you guidance on how to make your full day entertaining and an insight as to why these are popular.

1. Magician – Magicians are a great way to add something exciting and fun to your day. They are also a great way to keep your younger guests entertained and maybe even provide them will a balloon animal for them to play with for the rest of the day. Although depending on your magician and request there is no need for the magician just to be for the youngsters, they can keep everyone entertained with a variety of shows and tricks for the variation of your guests. If you go for a wedding professional Magician they will have the knowledge and experience to know how to work for your varied crowd and even have the grandparents involved. The Magician can work great during your drinks reception after your ceremony or in the time you may have after the wedding breakfast but before your DJ begins.

Wedding Entertainment - Magician burning cards trick

2. Host – Having a Host for your wedding day is a great way to entertain your guests during one of the quietest times of the day, your wedding breakfast and into the beginning of the evening reception. A Host would provide the background music during the wedding breakfast to ensure there are no awkward silences and create the atmosphere you are dreaming of. They would then arrange for Pearl of Wisdom Cards to be filled in by your guests, for then the best responses to be read out by your Host to interact with your guests and give them involvement with the entertainment. Making it more personal and creating a heartwarming yet fun atmosphere during your wedding breakfast. As well as later on into the day, before the evening reception gets into full swing they arrange a Mr and Mrs Game to get the party started and allow guests to learn more about you as a couple whilst having fun and laughing at your misfortune if you struggle to match your answers!

Wedding DJ & Host at Norwood Park Nottingham

3. Acoustic Singers – Live singers are a lovely way to add entertainment to your drinks reception, if it is good weather you could arrange to have them set up in the outdoor gardens where your drinks and Canapés will be served or stick to having them inside if the weather isn’t looking promising. They will create the atmosphere that you are looking for, whether it be slow and romantic or upbeat and energetic songs. This will make the drinks reception a lot more enjoyable for your guests and will provide background music for your guests whilst they mingle, instead of guests feeling they have to force the conversation to fill any awkward silences.

Acoustic Singers - Wedding Entertainment ideas

4. Games – If your drinks reception is going to be at least an hour it is definitely worth looking into arranging games for your guests to keep them entertained ahead of the wedding breakfast. It is becoming more and more common for couples to arrange their own DIY games such as ring toss, giant naughts and crosses and a tin can tower for example. This will work great if you have outdoor space at your venue and the weather is looking promising, it will also work inside your venue depending on their permission and what space you have available. If you have to go with indoor games but are not blessed with space you can arrange smaller games set up on a couple of tables, for instance, pre-boxed games such as guess who, card games and I have even seen a scalextric set up during a drinks reception before. Games are a very simple way to add entertainment during this time, it will also be budget-friendly depending on if you already have the games.

Wedding Ideas - Fun Entertainment and games

5. Singing Waiters – Singing Waiters are a great way to add excitement and a great atmosphere for your wedding breakfast. They are perfect for the end of the wedding breakfast to start you and your guests off for the evening reception. They will imitate waiters during the meal, then unexpectedly will make a scene and break into song and dance whilst interacting with the crowd to get all involved. Depending on the company you go for it will likely be less budget friendly however it can be a great addition to your wedding that you may find worth saving for or including in your budget.

Singing waiters for wedding entertainment ideas

I definitely recommend making the time in your planning and finances available in your budget for daytime entertainment, it will be obvious to your guests that you have gone the extra mile with your planning and will leave them with even more special memories to take away from your special day. Of course, any entertainment you arrange will also add to your experience, its not just your guests that will benefit!