As the season of romance and proposals gets into full swing, with Christmas & New Year just behind us and Valentines still to come, it might be time to start looking forward at the latest Wedding trends set to grace your guests in 2020! 

From more mindful Weddings, to speciality beverages and powerful visuals, your big day is set to be huge in the new decade. Let’s take a look at what you can expect…


  • Going Green

Not literally! But as more and more people become more aware of the environment and their place within it, sustainability and going green is becoming a huge part of weddings and the planning involved. Not that looking after the environment can ever really be considered a “trend,” but it’s certainly a factor of 2020 weddings that can’t be ignored! A carbon footprint is inevitable when it comes to planning a wedding, from setting up kitchens to transporting goods and services, but there are a number of Wedding planners who are looking to go that little bit greener.


  • Craft & Speciality Liquor Bars

For those really looking to make an impression on their guests, speciality liquor bars are a sure fire way to woo-woo the crowd – If you’ll excuse the terrible cocktail pun. Craft bars bring an enchanting sense of authenticity and quality, and they tie perfectly into the next category…


  • Instagramability!

With the ever-increasing rise of Social Media year by year, you can expect 2020 Weddings to be as Instagram-friendly as ever. Bold colours, bright decor and – let’s face it – purposefully OTT designs are a given to start off the new decade of Weddings. It’s all about perfection, with cake designs becoming more and more extravagant. It’s a style that’s been dubbed Maximalism, and it’s definitely making its way into 2020


  • Video, Video, Video!

Alongside your photography crew – or maybe part and parcel of them – are going to be your videographers! With so many expert tools readily available, such as drone footage and deliciously HD camerawork, hiring a professional video team is going to be a huge trend in 2020. Just imagine that birds-eye view shot of the aisle as the bride-to-be makes her way to the altar. Amazing.


  • Don’t forget your DJ!

There’s one Wedding ‘trend’ that’s certainly not going anywhere in 2020, whether they’re alongside a live band or not, a Wedding DJ is an absolute must-have to ensure your Wedding goes off without a hitch. Music is always a way to bring everyone together at the end of the ceremony proper. And we know just the people who could help…


We hope our list of Wedding Trends for 2020 helps!  Don’t forget to follow us on social to keep up to date with all the goings-on at Jackstar Weddings.

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