For some Brides the Bouquet Toss is an essential part of their special day. We’ve seen films where it shows women tussling with one another to get the bouquet when it’s thrown. It’s a great opportunity to get all of the single female guests involved with your special day. But where did this tradition come from? What music could you play for a Bouquet Toss? Today we’re going to share with you some facts and tips for the Bouquet Toss.

Brides have always been seen as the pinnacle of being ‘blessed’. Back in the day, it was considered good luck to touch the bride, even better to grab a piece of the bride, in the form of either her wedding dress or veil. To avoid the possibility of a ruined dress and the stress of being physically grabbed at during their big day, brides began throwing their bouquets. This distracted their guests and the tradition of grabbing the bride died down thanks to this new trend.  Guests didn’t notice and were happy with grabbing the flowers, which were still believed to bring romantic luck for the future. The tradition goes that whoever catches the bouquet was going to the next lady to be wed. The bouquet is a sign of good fortune passed from the bride to the next lady.

Here some quick fire tips on how to make your Wedding Bouquet Toss a success.

  1. Check your guest list to see how many single women you have coming to the wedding, of course, married women can get involved too in case you don’t have a lot of single females attending (it can be a general fun thing to do!)
  2. Wait until the party is in full swing, the drinks are flowing and your guests are busting their moves on the dancefloor. Traditionally, the bride should throw her bouquet as she leaves the reception, but this only works if you are planning to make a formal exit early on.
  3. Make a real feature of the bouquet by choosing appropriate songs, But what music do you play for this iconic moment on your special day? We’ve searched on the internet and the image below is the answer for you. Some of our favourites on the list are Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce and Its Raining Men by The Weather Girls. Enjoy some inspiration below!

10 bouquet toss songs

4. Check with your florist whether they can include a throwing bouquet with your real bouquet. This gives you two advantages in that it stops your expensive bridal bouquet from getting ruined and so it doesn’t fall apart when it is thrown.

5. It may sound silly but you may want to rehearse throwing the bouquet. It’s not something you do every day but you’ll feel a bit foolish if you launch it over your head and it only just lands behind your heels. Try to find something around the house of a similar weight, or possibly treat yourself to a cheap bunch of flowers and have a trial run in your garden with your bridal squad.

6. You may have an idea of who you would like to walk down the aisle next, but trying to aim your bouquet at someone specific rarely works. If you already have a lady in question and don’t want to ruin the bouquet why not gift your bouquet to that individual.

7. If you are planning to have a bouquet toss, simply try to aim in the centre of the crowd of single ladies and let Cupid do the rest.

Some brides really the tradition and would like it as part of their wedding. However, if you really don’t want to include it in your schedule then there are plenty of other traditions you can do with your bouquet. You can have it preserved, give it to your mum or maid of honour, or have a bouquet dance where the bouquet is presented to the guests have that been married the longest. Of course, you don’t have to have any of those too, it all depends on your own preference.

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