8 things to consider before choosing your Best Man

by Sunday 18th April 2021blog

1. Will they will be supportive of your decisions and bring a positive attitude not negativity?

smart looking groom in stylish wedding suit before wedding ceremony

2. Do they have experience in planning great parties and celebrations?

groom and best man socialising before wedding day

3. It will make things easier if they are sociable and outgoing

Groomsmen having drinks in a bar for the stag do

4. If you can, ask them in person, this way it is more meaningful

Groom and best man enjoying a pint before wedding day

5. Are they organised?

Desktop with laptop, pen and wedding to do list

6. Would being your Best Man be important to them? Would they take the role seriously?

Two smartly dressed men prepare for wedding ceremony

7. Would they ask you to be their Best Man?

Well dressed groom adjusting tie before wedding ceremony

8. Often the obvious choice is the right choice