Looking to spice up your playlist with some alternative Christmas songs?

Christmas is just around the corner! Well, almost. But it’s never too late to start getting your Xmas party playlist up and running! But hey, how about something a little bit different this year? Everyone knows the classics; from The Pogues to a little bit of Buble, there’s an absolute wealth of Christmas tunage, beloved and revered by Xmas enthusiasts and middle aged folk alike. However we’re aiming to bring something a little bit different this year!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favourite alternative Christmas songs that’ll be sure to spice up your playlist.


I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Amy Winehouse

We’re not going to stray too left field to start us off, but still – when was the last time you heard this absolute classic? An astounding bossa-nova-esque cover of Jimmy Boyd’s 1952 classic, Winehouse absolutely shines in this one. We think it should start making a comeback this year.


Jingle Bells – August Burns Red

Now admittedly this one is a little bit of an acquired taste. If you thought Christmas tunes and heavy metal don’t go together, think again. This track brings blasting beats, raucous riffage and massive amounts of Xmas energy. Now it’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’ve got a mind for something a little different, there’s no way it’ll disappoint. Oh and don’t worry, it’s purely an instrumental, so if the classic metal roar puts you off, you can rest easy with this one.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Weezer

The song itself certainly isn’t an unusual choice for Crimbo, but it’s not often you get to hear a nice slice of pop-punk with your pork pie. Weezer’s 2008 cover brings exactly that, with enough heartwarming charisma and energy to carry it all the way through to the new year.


Oi! To The World – No Doubt

There’s absolutely ‘No Doubt’ that we love a good pun, which is probably the main reason this raucous ska classic makes its way onto our list. Also who doesn’t love a little bit of No Doubt? Gwen Stefani at her finest! 


I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink-182

The skate-punk poppers Blink-182 are masters of blending energy, charisma and – let’s face it – Christmas cheer in this epic Xmas chart topper. Remaining as the only Blink-182 track to make it to number 1 in Canada (which is still a pretty awesome feat) we feel that this pop-punk Christmas anthem is a must-have for any alt-Xmas fans.

Have any different suggestions for our alternative Christmas songs list? Hit us up on social and share your thoughts!

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