5 Alternative Wedding Confetti Ideas

by Sunday 24th January 2021blog

Are you looking to make your wedding unique and create beautiful photo opportunities? Or are you simply trying to think of an alternative to standard confetti because your venue won’t allow it? Then look no further, I have put together 5 alternative confetti ideas for your wedding below:

Alternative wedding confetti ideas in paper bags
Natural wedding confetti alternative, dried petals


You can get small individual bottles in different styles such as Champagne bottles and love hearts that will look sweet whilst also being practical to hand out to your guests individually. They will create beautiful photos and will also be a bit of fun for you and your guests! I would recommend this for outside use as when the bubbles pop they can leave a residue on the floor making it slippy and a hazard that you will not want to be worrying about on your big day!

Wedding guests blow bubbles for newly married couple
Smiling bride and groom surrounded by wedding guests and bubbles


Get hold of some ribbon in your favourite colour, colour theme or go multicoloured for extra fun, I would say 30cm minimum in length for each piece would work best to allow guests to sway it around. The most effective way to do this would be for your guests to form a walkway for the both of you whilst they reach high and welcome you through the walkway with the ribbon swaying through the air. This is a more unique alternative to confetti, if you struggle to imagine it think of how it looks when sparklers are used for the exit but with ribbon instead.

Floor covered in confetti and ribbons


This is a great eco-friendly alternative to confetti, they can be easy to get together and you can even gather your own from the flowers in your garden or family and friends, of course, if they agree to this! It is so simple but will look beautiful, similarly to the ribbon you can choose what colour petals you go for.

Red Rose Petals as natural wedding confetti idea
Alternative wedding confetti idea - dried flowers


If you are having an evening ceremony or are looking for a confetti alternative for your night time exit then you should definitely consider sparklers, they make amazing photo opportunities and everyone loves doing a sparkler. Having sparklers will also create a romantic atmosphere and a moment for you to have a quiet few minutes outside with your guests. If you go for sparklers just make sure you have something ready to dispose of them in after.

Bride and groom share a kiss while wedding guests wave long sparklers
Alternative wedding photo ideas - sparklers spell out love

Dried Flowers / Leaves

Not only is this eco and budget-friendly but it can have a lovely meaning behind it, you could get a flower press and dry all of your own flowers/leaves from flowers you have been given for special occasions. For example, anniversary, engagement, birthday flowers. If you go with leaves another great idea is to buy a love heart stamp to create your own small heart confetti.

Alternatives to wedding confetti dried flowers and leaves
Purple flowers wedding confetti alternative

There are some lovely unique alternative confetti designs, you no longer have to go with the standard confetti. When deciding on your confetti make sure you speak with your venue to confirm what you are allowed and where to avoid any disappointment.