Thinking of Popping the All-Important Question This Autumn?

Everyone loves an Autumn proposal, and luckily – we’re here to help! We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to pluck up the courage, but we just know it’ll go perfectly for you. Besides, with a little help from us self-titled experts, we’ll ensure your loved-one will fall hard for you this fall.

It may be getting colder, but no-one can deny the beauty of the Autumn season; the greens of summer make way for rich yellows and reds, as the trees begin to shed their coats, leaving a nostalgic rustling carpet of crinkling leaves. Without getting too pseudo-poetic, we’re trying to say it’s a gorgeous time of year – and a great opportunity for a perfectly picturesque proposal! Without further ado, we’ve put together our favourite Autumn proposal ideas for you to have a leaf through…


The Fireside Romance

Autumn is the season of bonfires and toasting marshmallows, so what better way to warm the fires of romance than a proposal on Bonfire night? Emotions already run high with the spectacle of fireworks and the cosy, warm feelings spurred on by crackling fires and nostalgic bonfire smells. Whether you attend a public celebration or hold an intimate, personal celebration in the comfort of your own home, It may just be the perfect spot to get down on one knee.


The Heart-Warming Halloween

Wait! Hear us out! Halloween may not immediately conjure feelings of love and romance, but if your significant other is an absolute spook-enthusiast, it might be a fantastic opportunity to conjure your perfect proposal. Not only will they probably not be expecting it, which makes it all the more exciting, but if it’s a time you both let loose and have a lot of fun, it’ll also be a great mood to represent the fun-loving relationship you have with each other. Especially if you want your proposal to be amongst friends. Just remember to let them all know what you’re planning so you can make it extra special! Admittedly though, Halloween might not be for everyone!


The Romantic Woodland Stroll

What better way than to truly take advantage of the beautifully picturesque Autumn landscape than an intimate stroll together in the woods. Do some research beforehand and suss out a perfect spot to take your significant other before the day. Also, it might be an idea to keep an eye on the weather too! It’s certainly not going to be a hot, t-shirt weather day in the midst of November, but making sure it’s not going to be raining is probably a good idea!


The Beach Proposal

Now, we know that Autumn time doesn’t necessarily cast your mind to sandy beaches and sunlit shores, but that’s what makes this one all the better. What could be more romantic than walking hand-in-hand along the shoreline with the whole beach to yourselves? Beaches certainly aren’t a hot-spot in during the months of October and November, so for those Autumn romancers who prefer a little more privacy, the beach could make a gorgeously intimate spot for a proposal. You could even write your declaration of love in the sand, just remember to check the tide timings so your romantic message doesn’t get washed away!


Have some (probably better) proposal ideas of your own? Let us know on social media!

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