5 Ways to celebrate your original wedding date after having to postpone

by Wednesday 22nd July 2020blog, Wedding Planning

Many couples have had to postpone their special date to a new date in the future, potentially a completely different month and day. Most couples were coming to the end of their planning when having to postpone, so they have spent the majority of their planning time focussed and looking forward to the original date.

Of course, you can look forward to your new special day but you may feel like you don’t want to ignore the original date when it comes around. If you would like to still celebrate or acknowledge of your first date, I have put together 5 ways to do this below.

1. Have a Zoom party with your friends and family

Decide on a time and send a message to your friends and family to arrange a virtual get together. Tell everyone to get a few drinks and snacks together and have a good time whilst playing virtual games, chatting and maybe even a homemade quiz. If you don’t fancy a standard general knowledge quiz why not make a quiz about you as a couple and you have to see who knows you best? This is a great way to catch up with people and get to see/speak to a larger number of people at a time.

Wedding Day Live on Zoom

2. Have a socially distanced gathering in your garden

Depending on the restrictions at the time of your date, you could arrange a get together for your closest family or friends in your garden. In case the weather isn’t on your side you could arrange a gazebo to make an evening of it. You may even have some decorations from your wedding that you could use to make it more special, better yet why not contact your wedding cake supplier and see if they can make you a small cake for you to cut and share?

Two glasses of prosecco for wedding toasts

3. Have a virtual blessing by a celebrant

This is a great way to celebrate your special day and acknowledge your love for each other, on what would have been the significant day all about showcasing this. You can both get dressed up and have an online celebrant arrange a blessing over a video call, you could do this just the two of you or during your gathering in your garden for your guests to watch.

Bride and Groom exchange rings in wedding ceremony

4. Cook your favourite meal

If you want to keep it simple and celebrate just the two of you, treat one another by cooking your favourite meal alongside your favourite drinks or a celebratory glass of bubbles. To make it more special you could try making your own take of your wedding menu and signature cocktails. Also just take the time to be with each other and talk about your wedding, what are you looking forward to? And what do you want to do differently now you have more time to plan?

Couple cooking their favourite meal in kitchen

5. Visit your venue

Depending on the location your venue may be open for drinks or food, why not take advantage of this and book in for an afternoon tea or meal. If not for food if the venue has gardens you could go for a walk around and take it all in, you could even see if you can have a picnic. You may find going to your venue again brings back the excitement and will give you inspiration for new ideas that you are now able to add to your day, now that you have more time to plan and save money.

Wedding Day Picnic ideas

Having to postpone your wedding certainly comes with a heavy heart, however, doing this doesn’t mean that there is no way for you to celebrate on your special day, there are several ways you can do this.

There are also positives to moving your date, you will have more time to save money and think of new ideas that you can add to the wedding. As well as if there was anything you had arranged for the first time round that you weren’t completely happy with, you may now have the opportunity and time to change this and make it perfect.