One idea to help choose a first dance for your wedding

by Tuesday 10th February 2015blog, music, Wedding Dj, Wedding Planning

You may have spent years planning your wedding and thinking about every aspect of the day from the colour of the flowers to the exact menu items of the wedding breakfast but one important decision that is often overlooked is the first dance.

How can I choose a first dance?

As a Wedding DJ this is one question I hear a lot. Most couples tend to either have a very definite idea for their first dance or they have no ideas at all!

The easiest thing to do is to pick a current chart track but this doesn’t really give a personal stamp to the day. I love it when a couple has chosen a first dance that has a story behind it, perhaps it was playing on your first date or even when you got engaged. Even better if we can use this in some way to highlight a fantastic spotlight moment.

First dance selection tool

If you are really struggling for ideas a useful tool, I found recently, will show you the number 1 track from any date. It’s designed to show you the number 1 track from your birthday but we can use this to find tracks to represent when you first met, when you first became a couple and when you got engaged or any other significant date you can think of!

You can find this great tool here:

This is just one idea to help you find your first dance, I have many more and will hopefully get round to posting these up at some point.

If you need further assistance selecting and staging your first dance drop me an email I would love to help you. I would also love to hear from you if you have any ideas that will help other couples to find their perfect track!

Happy planning!