Top things to consider when choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

by Monday 24th January 2022blog

Temperature – What season will your wedding day be in? Make sure you think about how the weather is likely to be on the day. If it is traditionally colder around your special day look for a dress with a thicker material and longer sleeves or arrange a cover up. If it is usually hot and sunny opt for something that will be light and breezy, but remember the Great British weather can throw some curveballs so coving for a potential downpour or wind chill is always a wise choice. Tip: Use online resources such as to check what the usual precipitation, humidity and general weather is like on your chosen date.

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Leave plenty of time – The likely chance is finding a dress that is suitable for everyone will take longer than you think. So make sure you don’t get into a mad panic by leaving yourself enough time.

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Alterations – When planning your budget for the dresses be sure to include alteration fees, hopefully they won’t all need altering but it is better to overestimate in the early stages so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

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Set a budget – It is important to set a budget, this way you know exactly what you have got to deal with and you can’t accidentally leave yourselves having to cut corners in other parts of the wedding. Having a budget in mind will also allow you to know where is best for you to shop, you can call bridal retailers ahead of making an appointment to check their price range, that way you aren’t wasting anyone’s time (including your own).

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Always choose your bridesmaids first – The decision process is very personal to who you choose to be your bridesmaids, don’t waste time choosing completely different styles that won’t suit your chosen bridesmaids.

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Make a day of it – You will be most productive aiming to do it all in one day. Bring all of your bridesmaids together for a day focussed on spending time together and finding the perfect dresses. Getting a group together can always be tricky, so set a date as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of tying everybody down.

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Think about your theme – When choosing styles keep thinking back to your wedding theme, this will help you focus on what styles and colours to go with. 

Bonus Tip: Make sure you choose dresses that all of your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in, you want them to feel beautiful and enjoy the day with you without feeling conscious or uncomfortable.

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Who is paying for what? –  Ensure it is clear from the beginning who is expected to pay for what, traditionally bridesmaids will not have to pay for any of their outfits. However this tradition is changing, if it is not within your budget to pay for accessories, shoes, hair and make up then just make sure this is very clear from the beginning and discuss this with them. Avoid vagueness to ensure everyone is on the same page from the get go.

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