Choosing the right Wedding DJ may seem like a no-brainer at first; obviously, you pick Calvin Harris. But, if for some reason that’s not possible, we’ve compiled a quick list of the most important things to consider when choosing your DJ. Let’s hit the floor…

Choose a DJ that specialises in weddings.

It may seem a pretty obvious point, but choosing a DJ who’s at least played one Wedding before is definitely something to consider! Otherwise you might be left with DJ Hype-Beast who thinks he’s playing an underground set at a deep bassline rave. If that’s your style, you do you, but the oldies may not appreciate it too much.


Do a little research of your own.

Now that we’ve ruled out DJ Hype-Beast, you may want to have a look around for someone a little more suitable. Ask around for some advice from couples that have been recently married, or if you’re the first of your friendlings to get married – no pressure – it’s never a bad idea to turn to trusty old Google. Firstly, look for a local DJ, that way you can meet in person to discuss your requirements, without having to travel too far. This way you won’t have to add any unnecessary travel time to an already stressful time, which is always a good plan! Keep a close eye on their ratings and reviews, too, so you get a better idea of what exactly you’re in for!


Play the field a little.

No, not like that! We mean in terms of your prospective DJs! There’s no harm in sending a few messages and emails around to a few Wedding Djs you’re considering. That way you can check important information beforehand – like whether or not they’re actually available on your big day, which definitely helps.


Ask about their equipment.

You don’t have to be a music tech buff, but it’s important to find out whether your potential DJ’s equipment is right for your venue. They’ll be able to advise you on this, and this also gives you an opportunity to check that they’re using professional equipment – not some homemade garage tech!


Get an idea of what tunes you want to play.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect DJ it’s time to think about the tunage. Of course, a DJ is nothing without a sweet selection of floor-fillers. As such, have a think and make a list of your favourite artists, bands, songs and everything in-between. After that, discuss your ideal musical soiree with your prospective DJ and see what storm of a playlist they can come up with. Sorted!


And you’re done!

Hopefully by this point you’ve got a pretty darn good idea of which lucky DJ gets to play your big day. Now, it’s time to get that contract and go through it with a fine-tooth comb – make sure there’s no hidden clauses or costs that’ll throw your budget into jeopardy! But finally – and most importantly:


Have fun!

Remember, you’re choosing a DJ for your WEDDING! Exciting stuff, and choosing your Wedding DJ is all part of the excitement.


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