Commonly Forgotten Items on Your Wedding Day

by Tuesday 19th January 2021blog

Are you aiming to be as organised as possible with your wedding? You may think you have everything under control however there always seems to be something that is forgotten on a wedding day, albeit most commonly small things. From forgetting matches to light your candles leaving you with centrepieces that look unfinished, to not having spare footwear leaving you with painful feet which will hold you back from dancing the night away on the Dance Floor! Below I have put together 5 items that are commonly forgotten on a wedding day to give you a heads up!

Wedding Day Folder

Make sure you have your own copy of the itinerary with supplier details, you never know when you may need to refer back to this. There is also a chance of slight changes on the day which could require you to have this available to share with your suppliers or your bridal party/ groomsmen, especially if you do not have a wedding planner to do this for you. Of course with your wedding folder don’t forget a pen, you never know when you might need this and there’s no guarantee you will be able to get hold of one at your venue.

Wedding day signing the register


It is surprising how important something so simple can be, neither you nor your guests want to be drinking warm drinks. Other than it being common for couples to forget ice altogether, often couples remember ice but they do not account for how much they will actually need. They may remember the ice for the bar but not the ice buckets for the tables to cool the wines and Champagne.

Prosecco Ice Bucket for Wedding Party


Candles are so popular at weddings, you can see why with there endless list of uses such as centrepieces, aisle runners or outdoor lighting just to name a few. They look beautiful whilst also being practical and providing a warm glow to your venue. Make sure you don’t go to all of the effort of buying nice candles, setting them out into a lovely display to realise you have forgotten something to actually light them with.

wedding catering buffet table with candles

Cake Utensils

Similarly to the candles, you will spend a significant amount of your time and budget on your wedding cake deciding on the perfect style and the delicious flavours. You want to make sure that this can be displayed beautifully, not only when it is set on the cake table but also when your cutting the cake. So make sure you don’t forget to arrange for a nice knife and server to cut and serve this, or else the special photos of you cutting the cake will likely be featuring an ugly none cake knife that had to make an appearance due to it being the only thing you could get your hands on last minute. When the cake is served to your guests you want there to be something appropriate available for them to eat it off, so don’t forget personalised wedding napkins or stylish side plates.

Bride and Groom Cutting Wedding Cake on Wedding Day

Change of shoes

Shoes play such an important role in your day, you will be on your feet for the majority of the wedding so they need to be right and not forgotten. If you plan to take a pair of comfier shoes to change into after the formal photos then make sure you add this to your checklist as they really will be missed if you forget. The same goes for if your plans with your photographer are to go off the beaten track or a location away from the venue that could potentially be muddy or require more substantial shoes.

Bride and Groom wearing walking boots on wedding day

It is so important to dedicate time to planning even the smallest details for your wedding and not forgetting about these in the madness of getting everything ready the day before the wedding. I would recommend making yourself a checklist to tick everything off before you take it to your venue to make sure nothing is forgotten. On top of everything I have said above I also recommend a general emergency kit for the wedding day, I speak more about this on a previous blog of mine what to include in your wedding day emergency kit.