10 Questions to help you cut down your guest list

by Sunday 7th March 2021blog

Most couples struggle to create their perfect guest list, often numbers need to be cut down to work with your budget or your venue capacity. It is a tricky job making the decision of who does and doesn’t make the cut, I have put together 10 questions to ask yourself when deciding on certain guests to help keep your list on track.

Wedding table decor place cards

1. Were you invited to their wedding?

2. How would you feel if you weren’t invited to their wedding?

3. Would you want to talk to them for 15 minutes at the wedding?

4. Do you know their last name? (Without checking!)

5. Have you talked to them in the last 6 months?

Bride and groom releasing balloons at outdoor wedding


6. Would you want to go out for a meal with them or have them over for dinner?

7. Do they even know you’re engaged?

8. Did they congratulate you on your engagement?

9. If you’re debating inviting a plus one think, have you ever met their plus one?

10. What will they add to your special day, are they funny and outgoing?

Wedding guests chatting during wedding reception