What are the duties of your Best Man?

by Monday 22nd March 2021blog

Are you struggling to decide on who would be the best fit for your role as best man or is your best man asking what they can do to help and you aren’t sure? Then check out the list below of typical duties:

  • Help choose the grooms wear
Groom with best man before destination wedding ceremony
  • Help set up the day before the wedding
  • Look after the rings and have them ready in the ceremony 
Groom in black tie tuxedo before wedding
  • Communicate with the maid of honour
  • Get to know the ushers and liaise with them
Groomsmen and ushers sitting on steps ahead of wedding ceremony
  • Help the groom get ready on the wedding day
  • Orgnise the stag do
Best man helps groom with button hole flowers
  • Give the best man speech
  • Greet guests at the ceremony 
  • Stand with the groom at the start of the ceremony