EPIC Wedding Ideas : 5 Ways to make your wedding creative

by Monday 24th May 2021blog

Would you like an EPIC wedding? Then make sure your wedding is Exciting, Personal, Inclusive and Creative.

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Be Different

Don’t be afraid to do things that aren’t the norm, you don’t have to follow traditions and trends. For example, something we have seen at a wedding before which got everyone involved and created a great atmosphere was a Piñata shaped as a wedding cake followed by a game of limbo. Get creative and let your imagination run wild, there are no limits!

Creative wedding day idea - pinata - epic weddings


You don’t need to necessarily have to go with the venue typical timeline, do what’s going to work best for you. For example, if you would prefer more time to party and less time for photos and a drinks reception then go ahead and do this, it’s your special day to create your dream wedding exactly how you want it.

Epic wedding ideas - more time for disco dancing

Bespoke Catering

Your food and drink is the perfect opportunity to get creative, speak with your caterer about creating your own bespoke menu and signature cocktails. If the traditional 3 course wedding breakfast is not your thing, then branch out and discuss your favourite foods. Why not try a luxury barbecue or a sharing carvery style set up for you and your guests to enjoy and get involved. Or even go as far as going for an alternative wedding cake, you could have a cake of cheese or a Macaroon tower if cake isn’t your thing.

Get creative with the cake - epic wedding cake stand full of macaroons

Go all out with your first dance

There are so many ways you can be creative with your first dance. You can go with whatever genre you prefer, whatever style of dance, make it special with a dry ice machine or confetti cannon or even create a mix of two of your favourite songs.

Bride & Groom - Epic Wedding First Dance with dry ice

Be Resourceful

Think, what do you have access to that you can be creative with and include in your special day? If you grow flowers in your garden you could use these for decorations, is a family member or friend a beekeeper that could arrange mini jars of honey for your favours? Or if you know someone who is great at Caricatures you could have these made for your individual guests as their table names.

Creative wedding table floral arrangement - epic wedding day

Brainstorm ideas and don’t hold back. Go wild and get as creative as you can, the more unique and creative your special day is the more memorable it will be.