EPIC Wedding Ideas : 5 Ways to make your wedding exciting

by Tuesday 4th May 2021blog

Would you like an EPIC wedding? Then make sure your wedding is Exciting, Personal, Inclusive and Creative. Over the next 4 weeks we will be releasing a blog a week on how you can achieve an EPIC wedding!

5 Ways to make your wedding exciting

We all know the importance of pleasing your guests, this can often be where a lot of the headaches come from when planning your day. Having to find the balance to please both sides of the family can be a challenge but here are some quick and easy suggestions that are sure to impress even the harshest of in-laws.

It’s the little things that count, toiletries on hand for guests to help themselves to such as plasters, paracetamol and spray for a quick freshen up can go a long way. As can having flip flops next to the dance floor for those whose feet feel as though they are about to fall off. The idea is to have all bases covered when it comes to the needs of your guests, that way less people will be anxious to leave early and more people will be filling up the dance floor and going away impressed.

Build Anticipation

There will be so much excitement up to the wedding day, share this with your guests. Get everyone excited with you, keep your guests updated with wedding plans and even include them in your planning where you can. A good way to build anticipation is to include a space on your RSVPS for a song request for the evening reception, this will get guests excited about the big day, especially as they know one of their favourite songs will be played.

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Pre-Planning your Timeline

Make sure all of your guests know the wedding day timeline, they can then get excited for the celebrations planned throughout the day. Include your timeline on your invitations, order of service or have a sign made for outside your ceremony. Don’t forget to hold some information back, guests don’t need to know every detail, make sure you leave some surprises for them along the way.

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Create Surprises

 It is important you don’t let your guests know every single detail of your wedding day timeline, it’s great to create surprises to add to the excitement. Singing Waiters are a great way to surprise your guests during the wedding breakfast, another good way to surprise your guests later on in the day would be to arrange a surprise dance routine or a fireworks display.

Epic wedding guests with sparklers

Staging the Day

Hiring a wedding professional DJ and Host for your wedding is key to creating excitement on the wedding day for you and your guests, it’s what they do best! They will use their skills and experience to create excitement through making announcements at the right times, in the appropriate tone paired alongside the perfect song choice. For example the grand entrance, this is the perfect chance to create a great atmosphere, introduce the newlyweds into the wedding breakfast and get you and your guests excited for the day ahead.

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Go With The Flow

When planning your timeline and music it is important to remember that the energy of the day needs to change through the flow of celebrations. It would not be natural for the energy to stay consistent throughout the day, it will fluctuate and this is normal. It is important to work with the natural rhythm, for example the wedding breakfast is not going to be the same upbeat party feel like the evening reception.

Your wedding professional suppliers will work with you to create a different energy throughout the stages of the day, switching things up will add to the excitement of the wedding. For example in the evening reception, the music will not be of the same energy all night. Your DJ should create a flow of different song choices and genres alongside announcements to stage the excitement of a build up to a big finale song, where everyone joins in and gets on the dance floor.

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