EPIC Wedding Ideas : 5 Ways to make your wedding inclusive

by Monday 17th May 2021blog

Would you like an EPIC wedding? Then make sure your wedding is Exciting, Personal, Inclusive and Creative. I will be releasing 4 blogs on how you can achieve an EPIC wedding!

5 Ways to make your wedding inclusive for everyone

Cater for all ages

It is important to think of all of your guests and their different ages and requirements when planning your wedding, for example your older relatives may want a quiet area with comfy seating away from the hustle and bustle during the evening reception if music and dancing isn’t for them. Making sure there is entertainment for children is also important to keep them happy but also the parents (check out our other blog here for ideas). Also consider all ages when planning your entertainment, there are certain activities and games that are perfect for getting everyone involved no matter their age. For example, pearls of wisdom cards are perfect for getting everyone involved during the wedding breakfast.

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You want to ensure that all of your guests are able to attend the wedding, stay as long as they can and ultimately have the best day with you. If the location of your venue is not suitable, for example being far away without appropriate accommodation, then unfortunately guests will likely leave early or not be able to make it. The same goes for transportation, if the venue is difficult to access from the home or the closest hotels then you should consider arranging group travel, for example a bus or multiple taxis. This will encourage guests to stay and party the night away with you until the end. Not forgetting that the location itself is so important, when deciding on your venue and floor plan consider if it is suitable for all of your guests. For example if you have guests that struggle on their feet or are a wheelchair user would a beach wedding be practical?

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Make sure you have a range of music played to involve all of the guests, a great way to make guests feel included is to arrange for their favourite song to be played and ask your DJ to make an announcement to dedicate this song to them. Another great way to include everyone in your music is to allow your guests to make requests in the evening or include a section on your RSVPs for a song choice from each guest.

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Catering for all requirements

Making all your guests feel comfortable and making sure they have an amazing day of celebrations with you is one of the most important aspects of your special day. Ensuring your food and drink is catered to everyone’s individual needs throughout the day is a major factor in this. You will need to request everyone’s dietary requirements on your RSVPs, you will be looking for things like Vegetarian, Vegan and any allergies. It is also important to find out approximately how many guests will be drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, this way you can make sure there are appropriate options for everyone.

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Photo Booth or Magic Mirror

You can’t go wrong with having a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror during your evening reception, it will be sure to get everyone involved. From children to your grandparents, no one will want to miss out. Not only is this a great way to include everyone but you can also look at including a guestbook, that way all of your guests using the booth or mirror have an opportunity to leave you a personalised message to look back on after the wedding.