EPIC Wedding Ideas : 5 Ways to make your wedding personal

by Monday 10th May 2021blog

Would you like an EPIC wedding? Then make sure your wedding is Exciting, Personal, Inclusive and Creative. Check out last weeks blog for the first in the series here.

Personalised EPIC Wedding DJ Package at the Priest House Hotel Derbyshire


Wherever you can, personalise. Incorporate your names and initials into decor, this could range from personalised napkins to a monogram projection. Something as simple as swapping table numbers for names that mean something to you will make the wedding seem so much more personal. Don’t forget if you are having a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror you can also personalise your prints. Another great way to add your personal touch is a signature cocktail or creating your very own bespoke wedding breakfast menu.

Personalised EPIC wedding signature cocktail idea


Your music choice is a great way to express your personality and your story throughout the wedding. If it doesn’t represent you as a couple or is not your taste, then you don’t have to go with traditional music genres. Mix things up and go with what you enjoy and feels right. There may be specific genres that you like or even specific songs that mean a lot to you, maybe there’s a song that was playing when you got engaged or you met at a concert. Your wedding is the perfect day to incorporate your favourite music and these special songs.

Epic wedding guests dancing DJ lighting

Mr & Mrs Game / Bride & Groom Quiz

A perfect way to give your wedding a personal feel and celebrate your relationship is to get everyone involved in a game about you two. Two great options are a Mr and Mrs Game and a Quiz, the Mr and Mrs Game is the perfect way to start off your evening reception and put your knowledge of each other to the test whilst laughing and enjoying the celebrations with your friends and family. Doing a quiz about the two of you during your wedding breakfast will get your guests involved and create a lovely personal feel to this special time of your wedding day.


Epic wedding entertainment with gameshow host


Writing your own vows is a beautiful way to make a meaningful and unique promise to each other, this will certainly give a lovely personal feel to your ceremony. For the ultimate personalised ceremony opt for a registry office ceremony for the legal marriage either the day before or after the wedding day, then have a personalised blessing ceremony by a celebrant on the wedding day.

Personalised wedding vows for an EPIC wedding ceremony

Love Story

Creating a love story video is not only the perfect way to add the ultimate personal feel to your special day but it can be sent to your guests ahead of the wedding to add to the excitement and build anticipation for the big day. It can then be used on the wedding day by your host before the grand entrance or the first dance to create a lovely moment and remind everyone why they are all there, to celebrate your story and love for each other.

Wedding day ideas epic love story