Everything you need to know about wedding day music

by Monday 4th July 2022blog

During June alone we have had multiple couples add on some form of daytime music to their existing evening DJ bookings with us.

We have also had couples adding on our full hosting options with just a few weeks to go until their wedding day. Whilst we have been lucky to accommodate these changes, I wanted to talk to you about daytime music & hosting and hopefully give you a little bit of an insight as to why people opt for these options with us, even if the venue offer to do it.

Why is music important?

Often when I speak to couples about their wedding day music the first thing that comes to mind is their evening reception. A DJ to get the party started and fill the dance floor. As you will probably have already seen we are pretty good at that! There is so much more though that you wedding host and DJ can do.

When I think about music I think about the mood it creates and how it makes me feel. It’s rare that you go into a restaurant or even shop where they don’t have music playing. Music creates a vibe and ‘good’ shops understand this more than you might realise. Recently I went into a sports shop to purchase new trainers. As I entered the music was louder than in other shops and much more upbeat. I felt good, happy, positive. Guess what, I purchased multiple pairs of trainers! I then went into a clothing shop where they had very mellow ‘elevator style’ music playing. I’ll be honest it was a little depressing. Guess what, I didn’t buy anything! The clothes were well within budget but absolutely nothing caught my attention, I had a very quick look around and got straight out. To be honest, thinking back, I didn’t really look. I wasn’t inspired to.

So what am I saying… Music sets the tone, the vibe… creating the right atmosphere and this is why it is so important to not only think about the music for your evening reception, but the whole day.
When do you need music on your wedding day?

Ok. So we have already mentioned the evening reception. But what else? You are probably thinking about the ceremony and during your wedding breakfast. Great start, but what about the bits in between?

Ceremony Music

A few songs as your guests arrive and you (or your partner) wait nervously at the front!

Entrance song for the bride – Depending on the song you pick here you might want to ask your host to cut the intro if it’s really long or ask him to give you the nod when to enter. Remember walking down the aisle is short so think about where the music actually kicks in and where you will be at this point.

Signing the Register – Pick 2/3 songs while you sign the register.

Exit song – The song that you will leave the room to, your guests following. Again worth thinking about the intro of the song. You don’t want the song to have barely started and everyone has already left the room!
Drinks Reception

This is usually 1.5 – 2 hours long. Whilst you are off having photos, your guests are usually hanging around having a drink. Lets lift the atmosphere and add a bit of music. Some couples choose to have live music here. We can provide music whether it’s inside or outside with our battery powered wireless speakers. 

Wedding Breakfast

Grand Entrance – Let’s start by getting all of your guests into the room and then having a grand entrance with a song of your choice to announce you into the room with. We suggest a big upbeat song to lift the room and get everyone cheering!

During your wedding breakfast you need a PA system that can be heard (obviously not blasting!) over your guests chatting. Think when you go into a restaurant, there is always music otherwise those quieter moments can feel very awkward! 

This is the section after the wedding breakfast and before the evening reception. Nearly all venues need an hour turn around to either straighten the room up that you are going back into or this is where you’ll go (a bar area) before moving into the evening recpetion room. Here you definitely need music to ensure we keep everyone’s spirits high. They have just had a three course dinner, probably followied by a tea/coffee. We need them tapping along to some music getting themselves ready for some dancing which is to follow very shortly.
Why us?

Now I have briefly spoken about the music during the daytime. Why are couples choosing us. And why at the last minute?

Often venue’s will say that they can provide music for your ceremony and wedding breakfast (note you are still missing two key parts out here). What happens is, when the couple go for their final preparation meetings they are discovering that the music will be played from a iPod dock, it can’t be played outside, worry that it isn’t the venue’s priority or have been told they can use the PA but they need to take care of it themselves.

When you have us to look after your music for the day, we talk through the music that you need at the different parts of the day and go through this in detail. We have multiple PA systems so we can provide music for your drinks reception outside which will then nicely transition for you to enter inside for your wedding breakfast with music still playing.

When you book a host to look after your music for the day that is their priority. All they are thinking about. You don’t need to worry has someone turned it on, have we got the iPad to play the music, have we got a playlist, why has the music stopped. It is all taken care of!
Feedback from past couples

Here’s what Abbie & Luke thought about their all day music and wedding host package at Rushton Hall.

 “We first met the Jackstar team at Rushton Hall a couple of years before our wedding. We knew that music was a really important part of our day, but didn’t want the stress of organising it all. Jackstar was just perfect because we were able to book everything and have everything organised without any stress. We are so glad we booked the All Day Party Package as it had everything we wanted. The whole team was just great, so friendly and willing to cater to all of our needs. On the day Jack and Elizabeth filled in perfectly and did a great job with everything we had organised. The music catered to all of our styles snf just topped the day off perfectly. We always said that we wanted a nice, classy day, then a party at night and that is exactly what they created for us.” Abbie & Luke – Rushton Hall


Daytime music and hosting. We have a couple of different packages to choose from. The most popular is the All Day Party which also includes a photo booth. In addition to all day music and hosting options there are extras included like the pearls of wisdom cards, Mr & Mrs game, dance floor props, confetti…. it goes on! Take a look at our brochure or speak to a member of our team if you’d like to discuss this option.