10 Ways to express your personality in your wedding

by Saturday 7th November 2020blog

A wedding day is such a personal day to celebrate a couple and their love for each other, every couple is different so why should their wedding day not be. There are many ways to showcase personality into a wedding day to create a unique experience full of couples favourite things to create an unforgettable day, I have put together below 10 ways to do this:

1. Write your own vows

If you want your ceremony to be personal and express your personality as a couple you should definitely think about writing your owns vows, your ceremony will come across as personal whilst making the ceremony even more meaningful, fun and emotional.

Couple getting married outdoors on the beach

2. Design your own wedding breakfast menu

Who is to say that you have to go for a standard 3-course meal, speak with your caterers or venue about putting a bespoke menu together just for you. If they are unable to create a bespoke menu they may at least have different options for you to choose from to decide which menu suits you the most, for example, you may want to go with a Mexican style menu because of your joint love of Mexico, your plan to honeymoon there or even simply because this is your favourite food.

Wedding breakfast with rustic table setting

3. Ditch the traditional wedding cake

If the traditional fruit cake with white icing is not your scene then speak with your cake maker about going all out with something different that reflects your taste and personality. You can go with different layers of your favourite flavours and a unique decoration, for example, your flavours may be inspired from your favourite holiday such as Sicilian lemon whilst the decoration of the cake could be based around your favourite movie. I have seen several wedding cakes that have been decorated half and half with the bride and grooms taste, one example is where one side has been a more floral decoration to suit the bride’s taste and the other side has been decorated in a Lego-style for the groom. Another great example is when a couple I worked with weren’t huge fans of cake so they decided to have an alternative cake which was a tower of their favourite sweet treats, Macaroons!

Alternative wedding cake ideas - macaroon tower

4. Switch up your table numbers for names

You don’t have to go with traditional numbers, instead give your tables names. For example, locations that mean a lot to you, places you have holidayed together, your favourite tv shows or even your favourite drinks to give you some ideas.

Luxurious wedding breakfast table setting

5. Work with your DJ to create a personalised playlist

Speak with your DJ about putting together a bespoke playlist of songs you like, you want the music to express what you like as a couple. If you don’t like pop music you don’t want to have pop playing for your evening reception. You should speak with your DJ to give them a good idea of your favourite and least favourite genres and how you would like your evening reception to pan out.

Wedding DJ mixing desk in DJ Booth

6. Have a unique evening buffet

A standard finger buffet is not essential for your wedding, if this is not what you would choose or would say reflects your tastes and personality then spice things up and go for something different. There are so many options, an example of this would be to go with an American theme if you particulary like this type of food or America means something to you. You could have a hot dog station, pulled pork baps, mac n cheese, cupcakes, apple pie just to name a few ideas.

Unique wedding buffet options

7. Don’t be afraid to break traditions with your outfits

If you are not comfortable in a long white dress and very formal is not your style go with something different, don’t feel pressured to follow traditions. You could go with a short dress that may not even be white, whatever feels right for you. For example, some grooms are known for always wearing shorts and never trousers, if the weather is going to be appropriate and shorts would be more suitable for him he can go against traditions and wear shorts with his suit. This may also include your footwear, it has been known for couples to wear non-formal shoes on their wedding day. If you are known for only ever wearing a specific style of shoe such as Converse trainers you may want to not branch out of this for your wedding, I have seen brides wear converse under their dress before – it is not unheard of.

Wedding dress and groom suit ideas

8. Have wedding favours that express personality

There is no right answer when it comes to your favours, there are so many options for you to think about and get creative. Some great favours that I have seen at weddings that have perfectly expressed the personalities of the couple are having mini jars of honey harvested from their families honey farm, mini bottles of their favourite alcohol, charity donations made on everyone’s behalf for couples that spend a lot of their time volunteering for charities and cookies homemade by couples that are keen bakers. To give you some real-life examples.

Ideas for personalised wedding favours

9. Mix up your first dance

Similarly to your evening music you want this to be personal to you, if you are big party people that rarely slow dance and don’t particularly listen to slow romantic songs then you can mix this up to fit what you like. You can arrange with your DJ to go for an upbeat party song and create your own dance routine to have some fun and surprise your guests. You can arrange for guests to be invited onto the dance floor with you halfway into the song if you are not comfortable with being on the dance floor on your own for the full duration of the song. You can make this as personal to you as you want.

Wedding guests dancing evening reception wedding dj playlist

10. Go for a theme

If there is something specific that means a lot to you both as a couple that is a huge part of your personality you could go with one overall theme, this doesn’t have to mean a colour theme this could be anything from a beach theme to a Harry Potter theme or even something broader like a vintage theme. You could incorporate your theme into most aspects of your wedding including in ways we have spoken about above, this is a great way to showcase something that means a lot to the both of you and that plays a great role in your personality.

Wedding transport - VW Campervan hire

My advice to you is to not worry about traditions with your big day and work your personality into it instead, there are not many opportunities to create a day solely around you and your likes and passions. The more personal it is to you and jam-packed full of things you love, the more enjoyable and memorable your special day will be. So bring your ideas together with your wedding planner and run with it without looking back!