Top 5 reasons to Hire a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror for your Wedding

by Wednesday 15th July 2020blog, Magic Mirror, photo booth, Wedding Planning

Are you at the stage of wedding planning when it is time to decide what you are going to arrange for your evening entertainment? One of the most popular services that couples hire for their evening entertainment is either a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror. There is a reason these started to make an appearance in the wedding industry years ago and instantly became popular and still to this day remain a staple in couples services to book for their reception. They are definitely something that guests and the couple themselves never forget, below I discuss the top 5 reasons why they remain so popular.

1. Icebreaker

They are a great icebreaker for your guests to start off the evening, once guests have had an excuse to mingle with one another whilst waiting for their turn in the booth and maybe decided to hop in on one another’s photos they will have loosened up from the original awkwardness of first arriving at the evening reception. Of course, the props that you may decide to have available will only add to the silliness to allow people to let their hair down and have a good time.

Vintage style photo booth at a wedding

2. Guestbook with Booth Attendant

Most couples like the idea of a guestbook, however, unfortunately, most guestbooks, if not attended, get forgotten about and not filled in. If you opt for a Booth package that includes a guestbook it is a great way to get a full book at the end of the evening filled with photos of your guests and handwritten messages. The Booth/ Mirror will come with an attendant who will make sure photos are put into the book and they will also encourage guests to leave a message.

Black photo booth guest book at a wedding

3. Memories

You and your guests will get to make great memories that will be captured in photo prints for guests to take away and for you to receive digital prints after the wedding. Your guests can have fun whilst also being able to take something away from the wedding as a keepsake and memory.

Magic mirror with props at farmhouse wedding

4. Capture photos that your photographer might miss

The most common arrangements for Photographers are to get the first dance and cake cut then that will be them finished for the day. This means that there can be many missed photo opportunities of your evening guests, a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror is great for getting these photos for you. Some couples choose to go for more serious photos for the first hour and then ask us to put the props out after for the remaining time to get a mix of formal and silly photos.

White photo booth at winstanley house wedding in Leicestershire

5. They are great fun!

The bottom line is whether you go for a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy using it. Everyone loves to get together at weddings and simply have fun and a good time with their family and friends, these are a great way to do this.

Wedding guests and bridesmaids in a photo booth

When planning your evening entertainment you want to have something that not only ticks all of these boxes but involves minimum effort from yourselves to arrange. You will have enough to sort out and take to the venue without having to worry about doing your own entertainment, with these services from Jackstar Weddings it will all be looked after for you. All you will need to do is book us in, talk us through the details of what you would like and we will look after the rest. As always please let us know if you have any questions regarding our Photo Booths and Magic Mirror.