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Magic at your Wedding is a great option for entertainment during the day. Back in 2013 when planning our very own wedding Jack met a magician at a local wedding fair and insisted we booked him! After seeing him myself, I could see why.

We asked Leicestershire based magician, David Fox about his services for Weddings and why it’s a great asset to your big day.

David Fox is one of the UK’s top professional magicians. He was the winner of the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards in the category of ‘Most Popular Magician’. He has been fortunate enough to perform at many of the most prestigious wedding venues throughout the Midlands.

“Performing magic and entertaining audiences has been a life-long passion, and I consider myself very fortunate indeed. It is always a tremendous privilege when a couple invites me to entertain guests at their wedding reception or I am asked to engage a close circle of family and friends in an intimate household setting.

The beauty of magic is versatility; it can be performed virtually anywhere at any time. Magicians are very lucky as our art-form has such a wide appeal which transcends culture, class and generation – everyone can share the fun and it brings us closer together.

David Fox Leicestershire Magician David Fox Leicestershire Magician David Fox Leicestershire Magician

The hand of fate has been very kind to me over the years and has taken me on a magical journey to some tremendous locations. Events which spring to mind are; entertaining dignitaries and celebrities at HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubliee, celebrations in London; performing illusions on the Eiffel Tower when I lived in Paris, and delivering a parlour show of magic at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the centenary of their famous Choir School. The latter was particularly special because my father travelled down from Scotland to watch the show.

That said, an entertainer must live in the moment and we are only as good as our last performance (or trick if you are a magician). When someone invests his or her trust in me to entertain at an event, this is a great honour and I must deliver an entertaining, exciting and memorable performance. My view is that the audience should always have an investment in the magic itself. Thus, lots of friendly interaction and audience participation have become hallmarks of my shows.

Whenever I am asked to customise magical effects to suit a particular purpose that is very exciting. Recently I developed a very special routine to make an engagement ring appear in a restaurant – thankfully the answer was YES! And last year in London a gentleman requested that I reveal a birthday present (a romantic holiday in Venice) to his wife in a very magical way. On both occasions the reactions were priceless and made me feel very satisfied.

This year I look forward to entertaining at more very special occasions throughout the Midlands and beyond. Feel free to visit my website at www.magician-midlands.co.uk or contact me on 07946 686 258 for details about how magic can enhance your next special occasion.”

What we love about David Fox’s service is that he will work with you to create a customised wedding package. David will ensure that his incredible brand of magic is integrated into your schedule in an appropriate fashion. He will always work very closely with the wedding coordinators at the venues he performs at and has developed excellent working relationships with all of the staff. We would definitely recommend that you consider David Fox for entertainment on your Wedding Day.

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