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Here at Jackstar we are well known for our photo booth and magic mirror hire Leicester.

Picture of our Magic Mirror. The photo was taken at Newton House Barns.

On Saturday 10th June 2017 we had the pleasure of providing our magic mirror for the wedding of Morgan and Kane, the newly married Mr and Mrs Harris.

Having met us at an event back in 2016 we were delighted when Morgan and Kane decided to go ahead and book our magic mirror hire Leicester for their wedding reception at Keythorpe Manor.


Ahead of Morgan and Kane’s special day at Keythorpe Manor in Leicester our team worked with the couple to put together a print design which would tie in with their wedding theme. Once the couple were happy with the final proof this was then loaded up onto the mirror ready for their big day.
Finally timings, staffing, positioning of the magic mirror was confirmed to ensure a smooth setup on the day itself.

The Day

On the morning of Morgan and Kane’s magical day, whilst they were far away getting ready, Jack went over to Keythorpe Manor and setup our magic mirror in the bar area where agreed.

Later that evening Jack and Jemimah returned to the venue to plug in the magic mirror whilst guests finished their wedding breakfast. Jack then spent the evening filling the dance floor, whilst Jemimah attended to our magic mirror.

Throughout the evening Morgan, Kane and their family and friends enjoyed using our magic mirror. Guests dressed up in our props before striking a pose. The magic mirror then allows you to sign your name on the screen before printing out two copies of each print – A copy for guests to take away, and a copy for the guest book for Morgan and Kane to keep. Jemimah ensured the second copy of each print was stuck into the book before encouraging guests to leave the couple a message.

Post Event

Following Morgan and Kane’s big day an album was posted up onto our Facebook Page where guests were able to ‘tag’ themselves in their images. Morgan and Kane also received a digital copy of all images to use as they wish.


Feedback is an important part of our service. We want to ensure that we continue to provide the high level of equipment and service that we are known for. Following Morgan and Kane’s wedding we were delighted to receive this…

Thank you so so much for the incredible help before our wedding and then for blowing us and our guests away in the evening. You made our wedding perfect- thank you!!! X

If you would like more information about our magic mirror, or to check your date, please contact us on 01509 502349.