What are the duties of your maid of honour?

by Saturday 13th March 2021blog

Are you struggling to decide on who would be the best fit for your role as maid of honour or is your maid of honour asking what they can do to help and you aren’t sure then check out the list below of typical maid of honour duties:

  • Be there for you, give you support and listen when you need to vent
Flower girls on wedding day in denim jackets
  • Help you with the planning
  • Responsible for planning your hen party
Hen party brunch before wedding day
  • Be the main point of contact and liaison for other bridesmaids
  • Take on some of the wedding day responsibilities
    • Such as ensuring everyone’s on time, guests sit in the right place, confetti and order of the day cards are handed out.

  • Get excited with you and bring positive energy
Maid of honour and bridesmaid share brides engagement ring
  • They will look after any questions for you on the day
    • Such as timings, locations and menu.
  • Help keep the timeline on schedule
    • Most importantly you on the morning of the wedding.
Bride walking outside to rustic wedding with bridesmaids
  • Help you go to the bathroom
  • Fluff your dress and veil before walking down the aisle and making sure you are looking your best throughout the day
Bride with long white dress standing outdoors with groom
  • Make sure you’re relaxed and stress free on your wedding day
  • Hold your bouquet, most importantly during the ceremony

It is important to choose the right person to be your maid of honour, you want to make sure they are someone that is special to you, will appreciate the role and can be trusted to support you throughout the planning process and on the wedding day itself. Whilst most importantly, consistently being positive and upbeat to make sure your whole wedding experience is exciting and enjoyable.