5 Ways To Make The Most Out of your Evening DJ

by Monday 11th January 2021blog

When hiring a wedding professional there are many advantages, with their experience alongside their industry knowledge. Here are 5 ways a wedding DJ can help create your special day and leave you with the memories you dream of.

Create a Playlist with songs you do and don’t like

The music for your wedding should not be a case of just turn up and hope for the best, there should be planning in place. After all, this will be some of the most important music of your life. Speak with your DJ about what music you like and dislike, speak about specific tracks or genres, after all, they can only understand your dream if you talk it through with them. So make sure you are honest and clear about your expectations, keep communication open and if you have any thoughts or changes in heart let them know ahead of the wedding.

Have a meeting to go through your vision

The more detail and notice they have the more time and information they have to create a plan and playlist perfect for your wedding. If you aren’t sure where to start then speak to them, ask their thoughts and see what their professional opinion is. Take advantage of their years of experience and vast knowledge of what tends to work and not work, what people like and what style of music works when. DJ’s don’t bite (well in my experience!), so don’t be scared to talk with them and ask questions. I would recommend having a meeting with them face to face to cover this properly, or of course, with the current climate a virtual video meeting may be a good replacement for this.

Wedding planning meeting with notepad and pen

Ask them to make your announcements

Your DJ isn’t there to only play the music, they are there to stage the evening with their main way of doing this through announcements. Using their microphone and PA system can ensure the announcement can be heard from as far as possible. It is important for announcements to made like this as often guests can be spread around a venue whether it be in the reception area, at the back of the room or in the bar area. You don’t want your guests to miss out on anything so it is important you ask the wedding professional to make these announcements to ensure it is not only heard but it is done perfectly and at the right time.

Key announcements will be things such as your cake cut, first dance, buffet opening, Photo Booth opening and closing and the last dance of the wedding. If you have other important things going on I would recommend speaking to your DJ about this beforehand so they can advise if they believe this needs to be announced and if so when. It is important to discuss this before the wedding so the schedule can be planned efficiently and everyone is on the same page so no changes need to be made on the evening.

Bride and Groom - guests with sparklers outside at night

Discuss their daytime options

When you find a DJ that is a perfect fit for your wedding why not also leave your day time music and entertainment in their hands? They seem like a great match for what you are looking for and you know they are great at what they do from your research, so speak with them about their all-day options. Having the same DJ/Host all day will not only make logistics easier but you will also only have one person to discuss the details with. Which means they will be even more invested in your day and will understand exactly what you are looking for from your previous discussions and from already getting to know you. This also gives you a chance to build a great rapport with this person, as you will be able to dedicate more time to that one person rather than spreading your time across multiple suppliers. The ideal situation would be one supplier looking after your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening music whilst also controlling the announcements and staging of your day.

Wedding ceremony kiss with guests in background

Ask for their opinion on how to involve all of your guests

Of course, you want to have a great time at your wedding but you also want your guests to have an amazing day with you, quite often the happier the guests the happier the couple. A great way to ensure guests have a good time is with the right music, it can be difficult to know how to cater to everyone’s needs when it comes to a wedding.

Lucky for you, you have a wedding professional to guide you through this and offer invaluable advice and strategies to allow you to cater to all of your guest’s music tastes. A few examples of this would be taking guest requests on the evening, playing different genres at certain stages of the evening or asking for guest requests ahead of the evening to name a few.

Wedding reception first dance with guests

There is a reason you hire a wedding professional for your evening reception, they have the experience and knowledge to create a day to remember. So use their experience to your advantage, don’t be afraid to ask for their advice.