5 mistakes to avoid with your wedding makeup

by Sunday 11th April 2021blog

Your wedding day is the most important day to get your makeup right, you not only want to feel beautiful but you also want to cherish your photos without thinking about what you could or should have done differently with your makeup. To make sure your makeup is picture perfect I have given you 5 common mistakes below to avoid when planning your wedding makeup.

Not booking a professional makup artist

This is one of the most important days of your life, especially when it comes to the way you look and feel. Leave your makeup to a professional, they know what they’re doing for long lasting wedding wear and it will also take the stress away from you on your busy wedding morning. Make sure you do plenty of research into your local makeup artists to ensure you are going for the best option and that you won’t be disappointed.

Make up artist prepares brides makeup on wedding day

Skipping a makeup trial

Don’t skip the trial, it is important that both you and the makeup artist know exactly what is expected on the wedding day to ensure there is no confusion or disappointment. 

Selection of makeup products for bridal makeup trial

Not using a lip tint

Make sure you use a lip tint as opposed to a lipstick, it will last so much longer and you won’t have to worry about topping it up every 10 minutes.

Bridal makeup wedding day mistake using lipstick

Avoid current trends

When it comes to wedding makeup you are better off sticking with the classics, often bold trends that were stylish at the time of your wedding quickly go out of fashion and look odd when you look back on your photos.

Wedding morning bridal prep - bride sits in white lace wedding dress

Forgeting to prep your skin

Looking after your skin up to the wedding is just as important as the makeup itself. Your makeup will look as good as the skin it’s sitting on, do what you can to get the best out of your skin the run up to the big day. Invest in a quality skincare routine, drink lots of water and treat yourself to a couple of facials.

Natural skincare pre-wedding makeup

It is important to get your makeup right, you want to feel amazing on your wedding day and look great for your photos, all whilst being as stress free as possible. Achieve this by creating a makeup plan and if possible include a professional makeup artist into your budget.