Top 5 Mistakes Couples Make on Their Wedding Day

by Monday 16th November 2020blog

Your wedding day is so full of celebrations, formalities and socialising it can be easy to get caught up in the festivities and make mistakes that you will look back on and regret, so why not benefit from our experience and learn from others mistakes. Check out the top 5 mistakes we spot that couples make on their wedding day below:

Forgetting to Share Your Itinerary

There are many significant traditions on your wedding day that you will want all of your guests to be present for, you won’t want anyone to miss the special moments that are never going to happen again. For example, photos, bouquet toss, speeches, first and last dance. Not to worry, there are many ways that you can avoid guests missing these special traditions, the most important way is to have good communication with your wedding professional suppliers. If they know when everything is happening they can make sure all important parts of your day are announced around the whole venue and that all guests are gathered. The suppliers to look after this would be a combination of your Host/ Master of Ceremonies and your Photographer, for this to work it is also important to stick to the specific timings on the itinerary so everyone can be organised and gathered smoothly on time.

Bonus Tip: A bonus tip on this is to make it very clear to your guests what your timeline for the day is, have this displayed in the venue on a board or banner as well as included in your order of service.

Bride about to toss bouquet in white dress on wedding day

Not Creating Time to Speak to Everyone

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to gather all of your friends and family, there may even be guests that you do not see very often due to you living far away from each other. With all of your loved ones in one place you want to take the opportunity to socialise with everyone and have a good catch up, it will be rare that you can have all of your favourite people in one place. Make sure that you make the most of it and enjoy the time with them, designate time in your busy schedule to simply socialise. If you are worrying that the day is getting away from you and you haven’t been able to speak with everyone, speak with your planner about where you can give yourself some time out of the itinerary to dedicate time to catching up with everyone.

Bridesmaids in Green Dress laughing in doorway on wedding day

Forgetting to Eat

It is so common for newlyweds to forget to eat the food they have spent months planning to arrange, they get caught up socialising or looking after wedding logistics. Force yourself to sit down and enjoy your amazing food with each other, if you don’t want to cut off the socialising during the meal allow guests to come over to your table whilst you eat when they have finished. Try not to get caught up in going over to them, it is so easy to do and will easily leave you with an empty stomach which you won’t be appreciative of later on when you are low on energy and your stomach is rumbling during the evening reception. Having a full stomach will make sure you are beaming with energy ready to party the night away with your family and friends!

Minimalist Rustic table setting for a wedding breakfast

Failing to Stick to Your Timeline

You will have spent a lot of time ahead of the wedding pre-planning your wedding day timeline, there is a reason it is a key part of your planning. It’s because it is such an important part of your day, there needs to be a timeline to allow you and your suppliers to know what is going on and when. It is not uncommon for weddings to slightly run over timings but it is important to stick as close to the timings as possible. If you don’t, things will run over and you will struggle to make the time back up, this often leads to time having to be taken from the important parts of your day and dancing time in the evening. You don’t want the day to feel rushed, you want it to be purely enjoyable and not having to worry about neglecting your guests because all of your timings have been messed around leading to you having to run around like a headless chicken trying to get everything in order! If you think you will want a bit of time just the two of you after the ceremony before the day gets in full swing , factor something into the timeline, you won’t be able to just decide this on the day as it can knock everything back. 

Bonus Tip: If you want to factor time in just for the two of you after the ceremony look into adding some time to your journey time from the ceremony to the reception, this will give you a chance to chat about the ceremony as newlyweds and prepare yourself for greeting all of your guests at the reception venue.

Bride and Groom in Wedding Car following Ceremony

Not Making time for Fun!

What is the most important part of your wedding day? Having an amazing day filled with lots of fun, celebrating your love for each other and creating special memories to cherish forever! Make the time for this to happen and don’t get caught up in the wedding logistics, the day will go so quickly so absorb every moment and take every opportunity you have to have fun and create memories with your loved ones!

Bride flies through the air on wedding day
As you can probably gather from these 5 mistakes that couples make, the key factor is timing and aiming to get the maximum enjoyment out of your day. My key advice to stick to timings and get maximum enjoyment from your day is to have a wedding planner, they will keep track of time and make sure you are sticking with the timeline as well as look after all logistics to free you up for enjoying your special day.