5 Perks of a Winter Wedding

by Friday 1st May 2020blog

Decided on having a winter wedding? With more couples opting for a winter wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have made a list of the perks of choosing a winter date.

No Surprises With the weather

Summer weddings are usually favored over winter weddings on one aspect… the weather. However choosing a colder date will reduce the stress of having a weather disaster as you will have prepared for the already colder situation. Any unforeseen weather will be a welcome surprise, whether it be a warmer day or snow fall for those magical photos. Conversely, the stress of praying for sunshine for a summer wedding has many times led to disappointment with overcast days and rain, it is much harder to plan a wedding with an unpredictable UK summer time.

winter wedding dancing in snow

Out of the Ordinary

When having a winter wedding the opportunity to stand out is vast, from a pimp your hot chocolate station to cosy blankets at the venue there are many ways to be unique. From Pimms to hot mulled wine, cosy atmosphere with candles and fairy lights. Think of the unique ways in which you can make your guests feel more comfortable at your wedding, hot water bottles and patio heaters are just 2 examples of the little details that can elevate your wedding. Outdoor patios can be dressed up with fairy lights and heaters for guests to enjoy some time outside.

Food and drink can also be changed to your advantage, consider swapping the traditional light summer buffet to a hearty winter feast. Jacket potatoes with different toppings is a simple but effective way to fill up your guests and keep them happy.

hot chocolate at winter wedding

Less Heat, Less Stress

Planning your wedding day can be a stressful time, cooler temperatures will help to keep you calm and focused rather than getting hot and flustered. Less humidity will help to keep your hair and makeup looking better for longer and the cooler weather will allow you to enjoy your time in your dress. Without the beaming sun you will also get better photos as your guests won’t all be having to squint. In addition, seasonal hay fever sufferers will find a winter wedding much more comfortable especially in a rural setting.

avoid heat winter wedding

Cost Effective Months

Winter months can often be more cost effective when it comes to venues, accommodation and suppliers. In general most venues have specific winter packages to choose from, this is because winter dates can be in lower demand than summer dates. This is the same scenario for accommodation as hotels will have more rooms available which may result in a cheaper price, this will help to make it more affordable for your guests to stay at a hotel. If they are staying at a hotel they will be more likely to enjoy the reception with you straight through to the last song. Note: This may not apply to dates closer to Christmas as venues will be booked up for Christmas parties.

winter wedding packages

Everybody Loves Christmas

The Christmas period can be a wonderful time to get the family together so why not have your wedding during this special time. For those who cannot get enough of Christmas there are many perks to having a Christmas themed wedding. Most venues will already be dressed for the season with their own decorations; this will give you one less thing to worry about. Christmas songs can be used to tie the theme together, ensure your DJ is able to work this in for you. A digital playlist can be created by you to be used by your Jackstar DJ to make sure all of your favourite songs are included, it can also be used to exclude any songs you and your partner dislike.

christmas tree for winter weddings

The Perks of a winter wedding

2020 is showing to be a difficult year for summer weddings, many couples are having to postpone to later in the year and we hope this blog outlines some of the reasons for why a winter wedding may be better than expected. It may feel like planning is impossible at the moment due to the current UK lockdown, however there are options to continue your planning. For example, you may be able to arrange a video call using Zoom with your suppliers and venue. You are also likely to have more time on your hands at the moment which gives you an opportunity to spend time doing research online for inspiration.