On Saturday our white photobooth went off to Ladywood Estate for the first time for the wedding of Paddy and Rachael. As it was the first time working at Ladywood Estate wedding planner, Louise, went over to visit the venue and owner, Jan, a few days before the wedding. Despite the weather being miserable on her visit the venue still looked stunning in it’s picturesque setting.

Thankfully on the day itself the sun did come out in time for the bride, groom and their guests.

At Ladywood Estate the Pavilion comfortably seats small guest numbers, or in a more open plan design the Pavilion can seat 400 guests with additional areas for the dance floor, staging, bar and seating area.

On the day of Rachael of Paddy’s wedding Louise went over during the evening to set up the photo booth whilst guests enjoyed tea, coffee and the all important speeches! Once the speeches came to a close and the evening reception was ready to begin the photo booth was in full working operation for the bride, groom and their wedding guests to enjoy.

Rachael and Paddy had a vintage themed wedding and so left baskets for the Jackstar props to go in. The couple had the advanced photo booth package and so two copies of each print came from the photo booth – one for the guest to keep and one to go safely inside the guest book. As the booth attendant for the night, Louise ensure each print was stuck into the book and encouraged the guests to leave a message for the bride and groom. A great memory for the happy couple to keep hold of, and look back on, for years to come.

Congratuations Rachael and Paddy – Louise and the Jackstar Weddings Team Xx