5 Popular Wedding Favours to Consider for Your Day

by Monday 25th May 2020blog

It’s no secret that all couples look for ways to make their wedding as special and unique as possible. With new and upcoming ideas and trends we have put together 10 things you can do to make your wedding a one of a kind.

Small Mason Jar Filled with Sweets

These favours are very popular and you can see why, they are simple yet effective. They can also be budget friendly, as you have the opportunity here to buy in bulk and save some pennies. Of course, whilst still having pretty looking favours and giving your guests something to take home with them, well if they last that long! You can choose your favourite sweets and order these online or even from a large wholesaler along with the mini jars. If you would like to make these even more personal or fitting with your theme you can get hold of some fabric with a matching colour to your theme and ask your bridesmaids around for an evening of DIY. It won’t take long to cover the lids and tie them with string if you have a team of willing helpers..

Bonus Tip: If you would like to make your jars even more personal why not fill the ladies’ jars with the bride’s favourite sweets and the gentleman’s with the grooms?

wedding favours sweets jar groom

Mini Homemade Preserves

This is a lovely personal favour, especially if you are bakers or cooks or maybe your parents or grandparents are. Why not incorporate the famous family recipe into your day, there are a number of options for this. Even if it’s not necessarily a family recipe it could just be your favourite Jam, Marmalade or Chutney. Similarly to the jars for the sweets they can be easy to get hold of and if you have many to make you can ask your bridesmaids to help you fill the jars. If you do opt for the DIY option, you could put time in your diary to make the preserves with your parents or grandparents if it is their special recipe.

wedding favours mini preserve glass jar

Mini Plants and Succulents

As we’ve established it’s all about the little details that will make your wedding stand above the rest which is why you must consider the wedding breakfast background music. Most venues will have their own set playlist that they will use for such events and most of them will do a fairly decent job. However, those who are more particular about their music choices will want to opt for having their own playlist to be played in the background. This will give the whole wedding experience a more personal feel with songs that tell the story of you and partner.

wedding favours mini succulents

Personalised Keyrings

At Jackstar Weddings one of our popular services are our Photo Booths and Magic Mirror, a common add-on to these are our personalised keyrings. These are great alternative favours, instead of having them on the tables for the wedding breakfast your guests will get them at the evening reception when your Photo Booth is open. After your guests have had fun in the booth taking snaps with some props your booth attendant will make their photo into a keyring, they can then take this away with them. These favours are the most straightforward in terms of what preparation you have to do yourselves, you just need to book in the Photo Booth and arrange this add-on then we will look after the rest.

With this not only do they get a keepsake to take home but they get to have a laugh whilst making their keyring, as well as knowing theirs is personal and no other guests will have the same. Feel free to send us an email if you would like any more information on this.

Jackstar photo booth hire fun

Free Drink Coupon

If you aren’t already having a free bar you could give your guests a coupon for a drink at the bar, you can make an arrangement with your venue or bar supplier to confirm what the coupon is worth and what drinks guests can have. The tokens don’t have to be too detailed, you could even speak to your stationery supplier to see if they have any options for this to create something less for you to do. Your guests are sure to be appreciative of the free drink as they may be expecting to rack up a hefty bar tab if they are with you all day.

wedding favours drinks vouchers on table

popular wedding favours

In conclusion there are many different styles of wedding favours you can go for, to suit different budgets and time constraints. Don’t forget when deciding which style of favours you should go for, you should consider what you think your guests will enjoy. After all, the favours are there as a thank you to your guests for joining you on your special day.