9 Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaids

by Sunday 28th March 2021blog

1. Decide how many you want

Bride lines up with bridesmaids in pastel pink dresses

2. Who are your nearest and dearest, think about their feelings. Would they expect to be asked? Would they ask you to be their bridesmaid?

3. Think about including siblings

4. Choose your maid of honour first

Bride with maid of honour and bright wedding flowers

5. Take into account the different personalities, would they make a good bridesmaid?

Bridesmaids in blue dresses with bride before wedding ceremony

6. Bear in mind your budget, how much will it cost for the dresses, make up, hair, and accessories?

7. Don’t forget childhood friends

8. Consider who could take responsibility for the role

Rustic basket of confetti in kraft envelopes

9. Decide if you want flower girls, if so how many?

Spring wedding flowers during wedding ceremony