10 Tips for your Quorn Country Hotel Wedding

by Monday 23rd November 2020blog

As some of you may know, I (Elizabeth, Wedding and Events Co-ordinator here at Jackstar) used to be the Wedding Co-ordinator at Quorn Country Hotel which gave me the experience of how weddings run and what works best at the hotel. This works great for our couples here at Jackstar that are having their special day at Quorn Country Hotel, as I am able to offer them advice and go through how our services work best in the different areas of the hotel. Of course you can let me know any time if you have any questions at all regarding how I can help with your wedding, if you just want some quick inspiration I have put together below 10 tips for holding your wedding at Quorn Country Hotel. I hope you find them useful.

Quorn Country Hotel Wedding Tips

1. Don’t forget to make the most of the space in the foyer of the Leicestershire Suite

The foyer is a great place to have your Photo Booth or Magic Mirror to save space in the Leicestershire Suite itself, the foyer also has the perfect space for the Booths or Mirror as there is plenty of room for a table for a guestbook, guests to mingle as they get ready to go in the booth. It is also great as it won’t be missed as guests enter, exit and make their way to and from the toilets through here. Also if possible I would advise to leave the first door to the Leicestershire Suite open just to make it even more obvious to your guests that the Booth/Mirror is there to use. They foyer is also a great place to put casual seating for guests who want to sit out for 5 minutes. If you are going for a Booth or Mirror in the foyer it would be best to have your casual seating in the conservatory that is just off of the Leicestershire Suite.

Photo Booth at Quorn Country Hotel Wedding

2. Use LED Cubes for your casual seating

When planning your casual seating look into hiring the LED Cubes for this, they are lght up cubed seating that come with mirror finish tables for your guests to rest their drinks. They are perfect for the foryer or conservatory as they add their own lighting to create a darker party feel instead of having to have full bright lights on, it will spread the party feel throughout the whole area not just the dance floor. If you want to go with these but want a bit more light look into adding Uplighters into these sections. 

Bonus Tip: The LED cubes can be used outside, you could have them outside of the conservatory to provide seating for yor guests as well as light as there are not normally lights out there already.

LOVE Letters for a wedding at Quorn Country Hotel
Colourful LED Cube Seating

3. Have only 2 of the 3 partitions open during your Wedding Breakfast

If your guest numbers are suitable to only have 2 sections of the Leicestershire Suite open for the wedding breakfast then I recommend doing this. As it will allow your evening entertainment and decor such as Dance Floor and DJ to be set up in the third section ahead of the evening reception without any disruption to you you and your guests whilst you enjoy your meal and listen to speeches. Then when it gets to the time for the evening reception to start it will just be a case of quickly opening up the partition.

a wedding DJ and dance floor set up at Quorn Country Hotel

4. Have your Top Table in front of the bookcase in the Charnwood Suite

It works as a lovely backdrop and it will frame your top table well. If you want to enhance the book case add some Uplighters for the evening reception, this will make it stand out when the lights go down and the party starts. If your aren’t a fan of the bookcase then look into having a backdrop to go infront of it instead.

Loughborough wedding DJ Services at Quorn
Wedding DJ In Leicestershire

5. Go for ceremony drapes in the Orangery 

Ciara from Take a Seat who is also a recommended supplier at the hotel has an option to add drapes to the Orangery, if you are having your ceremony or wedding breakfast I would highly recommend adding these onto your booking. They not only look lovely but also provide privacy from any hotel guests walking to or from reception and cars going in and out of the car park.

6. If using the full Leicestershire Suite all day arrange early set up 

If you have a large number of guests or you simply just want all three partitions open all-day look into the options for arranging an early set up for your evening DJ and Dance Floor etc to save disruption. Otherwise this will have to be set up in front of all of your guests whilst they eat the wedding breakfast and are trying to listen to speeches.

Wedding reception at Quorn Country Hotel

7. If possible book a bedroom the night before the wedding to get ready in

Having a room at the hotel the night before will make it so straight forward for the morning of the wedding to get ready, have a good breakfast to give you energy and have the ease of already being in the right place for the ceremony. Already being at the hotel in the morning will give you more getting ready time as well as meaning you wil be around if you need to make any last minute changes or adjustments.

8. Make sure you and your guests book bedrooms

with it being a hotel make the most of having bedrooms available. Having a bedroom to wander back to at the end of the night will mean you and your guests will be able to enjoy the night to its max without having to worry about getting taxis home, you will also be able to catch up and reminisce on the special day the morning after over a freshly cooked breakfast.

White LED Dance Floor in Loughborough

9. Take advantage of all of the beautiful photo opportunities 

Meet your photographer at the hotel ahead of the wedding to go through all the places you want to be featured in your photos so none are missed on the day. Even if it is lovely weather make sure to still take advantage of the great photo backdrops inside.

10. Plan your floorplan in the Charnwood Suite to maximise the space

If you will be close to the maximum number of guests for the Charnwood Suite and you have plans to add extra tables for things like sweets, gifts etc look into the idea of putting your evening buffet in the garden room or bar area to create more space. Another great space maker is having your Photo Booth in the garden room or bar area, if you are having a Photo Booth I would not recommend having it in the same area as the buffet due to space restrictions.

Wedding DJ at Quorn
Wedding DJ Jack at the Quorn Country Hotel