2019 was another interesting year for the wedding industry, with more couples opting for multi-functional venues and Hen do’s taking a more relaxed approach. We’re going to go over our top 5 wedding trends of 2019.

1 – Hen do’s – Less Drinking More Relaxing

There is no doubt that there has been a considerable change in the way us ladies are celebrating Hen do’s, having seen a big shift from wild late night drinking to a more ‘zen’ girls weekend away approach. A big reason for this change is thanks to the aesthetic nature of instagram and as we all know it is much harder to get the perfect snaps after 5 mojitos. This is not to say more ladies are choosing a relaxing day at the spa over a night out, in 2019 the top activity was Cocktail Making and the top travel destinations were Bath and Liverpool (according to gohen.com). Hens are trying to bring the best of both worlds together to get the most fun filled weekend. They are combining a relaxed and pampering slumber party with the excitement of a cocktail making class in the comfort of being at home or in a luxurious hired cabin.  As trends go I think this is still on the rise as more brides seem to be moving towards this idea.

Wedding trends of 2019: Relaxing by the pool
Relaxing spa breaks are becoming more popular

2 – Multi-Functional Venues

Wedding ceremony at Kilworth House Hotel
Image Courtesy of Kilworth House Hotel

Dual purpose venues were very popular in 2019. Couples were moving away from the traditional church wedding to venues that have both the wow factor but also with the functionality of having the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception all wrapped into one. We have seen a rise in more and more couples opting for the dual venue and we think it’s a great idea and expect to see this trend grow even more within the coming years.

Wedding flower wall the trend of 2019
Photo Credit dorsetflowerwalls.co.uk

3 – Flower Walls and Moongates

This trend doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out, flower walls are perfect for that perfect insta and in a digital world everyone is trying to get that perfect ‘gram’. Good luck trying to get a picture though because this feature wall will have a queue of people waiting for their chance to get a new PP. In a world driven by social media we can expect these trends to continue for eternity (or at least until a new form of social networking comes about).

4 – Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings still popular in 2019
Rustic weddings remained popular in 2019

2019 saw the continuation of one of the UK’s most popular wedding themes, rustic weddings have been at the top of the wedding trends for the last 5 years and 2019 was no exception. Giving weddings a relaxed personal feel for family and friends to enjoy and we expect the theme to continue on in 2020. This simple yet effective theme pays homage to the great outdoors and can be cost effective as many of the decorations can be made from home with inexpensive materials.

2019 saw more pastel coloured bridesmaid dresses
Photo Credit weddingchicks.com

5 – Nude and Pastel colours

Last but not least, we have seen a rise in nude and pastel colours at weddings and a decrease in bold and bright colours. Driven again by our beloved social media, pastel colours are inoffensive and beautiful. Giving a wedding a fresh feel these lighter colour schemes are popular with Spring and Summer weddings, when the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing.

Wedding trends of 2019

Being in such a fast paced environment is what makes weddings so exciting and we can’t wait to see what trends take off in 2020, stay updated with our blog feed to see our top 5 trend predictions for 2020.

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