Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

by Friday 23rd October 2020blog

You may have lost loved ones that you would like to remember during your special day and give a nod to them in your wedding plans. It can be difficult to know how to do this and find an option that works for you as well as fitting well with your wedding plans. When it comes to this sensitive topic you may want to go for something that is very personal to you and your family/friends, if there is nothing particular you have in mind I hope that you can find an answer or inspiration with my suggestions below.

Table Names

If you have multiple loved ones to remember instead of having standard table numbers have table names, named after your loved one’s first names. You can have these created by your stationery supplier to match the rest of your table stationery. If you don’t want to have names you could have a photo frame of them on the table.

Wedding table setting with mirror and table number

Light a candle

Set up a small table near the entrance of your function room with a candle to be lit in their memory, have a written note in a frame on the table with a special poem or a message to show who it is dedicated to. Get a large candle if you would like to keep the candle to then light it on other special occasions.

wedding flowers with candle

Have a decorative ladder with a photo display

You can hire a decorative step ladder with accessories to match your theme from a decor supplier, you can then arrange photos of your loved ones to be displayed on the steps. You could have this near the entrance or near your top table to make sure it is noticeable and included in your special day.

Rustic wooden ladder for wedding decoration

Include them in speeches

Speak to whoever are doing speeches and decide who’s speech you feel would be most appropriate to include a toast to your loved ones, it can be a short and sweet mention if you worry it may be too emotional for them to be any more. You can toast them with their favourite drink, for example, their favourite whiskey or champagne.

Wedding breakfast speeches, champagne toast

Have their favourite drink served with the meal

If they were well known to have a favourite drink, it will be a lovely yet discreet nod to them to have these drinks available on the tables for your wedding breakfast. For example, specific bottles of wine, if they are particularly pricey you could opt for having them on the top table only.

Wedding day place setting with red wine bottle

Take your Bouquet or other wedding flowers to their resting place

The day after the wedding visit their resting place and display your bouquet or other wedding flowers such as centrepieces in a suitable place.

Brides wedding bouquet on grass