Top 5 Wedding Breakfast Entrance Songs

by Sunday 22nd November 2020blog

Your wedding is made up of excitement, joy and memories being made with your loved ones. The music you choose throughout your day will play a huge part in this, it is amazing how a certain song choice can create the atmosphere you dream of and will leave you with memories to remember for a lifetime. It is so important to spend the time to think about the right songs for you for the different stages of your wedding, an important time in the day to choose a perfect song for is when you first enter the wedding breakfast as newlyweds. If you have booked a wedding host they will work with you to create an amazing atmosphere with your guests ready for your entrance, then of course when its time for the big moment of introducing you in they will play your chosen song and stage a very special moment.

Bride and Groom having fun on wedding day

It can be difficult to know what the right song is for this particular moment, I recommend going for something upbeat and wedding (love) related as at the end of the day this is what the day is all about – celebrating that you have just tied the knot and are wanting to celebrate this and have a good time.

Bride and Groom Wedding Breakfast Entrance

To give you some inspiration and an idea of what other couples go for I have put together below the top 5 wedding breakfast introduction songs that our couples have had with their wedding host:

1. Take That – Greatest Day

 2. Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)

 3. Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

 4. Bruno Mars – Marry You

 5. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do


These examples should give you an idea of what works well for your wedding breakfast introduction, of course, the song that you go for has to be something that fits well with your plans and is personal to you as a couple, as everything is for your wedding. If you are a more introverted couple and you do not want a big introduction to the room with an upbeat song that is absolutely fine, speak to the host ahead of your wedding about the different options and look into going for something more low key. Alternatively, you could even try and fit this song choice into your wedding theme, for example, if you are planning a Reggae/Caribbean theme then you could go with a Reggae classic. There are many options to look explore, go with whatever works best for the both of you!

Wedding DJ Host Introducing Bride and Groom