Wedding DJ at East Bridgford Hill, Nottingham.

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East Bridgford Hill is a venue in Nottingham that we haven’t worked with yet at Jackstar Weddings. The venue is a family business that has developed over the years. The exclusive country home is located in a serene setting with panoramic views of the Trent Valley. The owners are family members who both grew up there and have inherited the house from their parents. Our wedding DJ Chris P headed to the venue early December for a wedding reception. Chris explains his experience at East Bridgford Hill in Nottingham;

East Bridgford Hall Wedding Bridgford Hall Wedding Venue East Bridgford Hall Wedding Venue

The owner was really nice and complimentary during my time at the venue. The room I was in was part of the private quarters and a kitchen diner with a conservatory built on it. Loading into the venue is through the front door and down a corridor. 

The reception went well, I had dancers on the dance floor from the first song. The guests at the reception were very nice and interacted well with me during the evening. 

At around 11pm after I had been playing for around 15 minutes to an empty room, the groom came up and said I could wind down as any remaining guests who had not retired to their rooms, where having a nightcap in the bar. As you can imagine the guests were tired after such a long day. I lest the background music on until switching off the music around 11.15. 

Separately the Bride and Groom came up and thanked me for a good night, complimenting me for the music and interaction with their guests. The venue owner also complimented me on the music, saying that she would gladly have me back to DJ at the venue in the future.

The venue itself is easy to locate just off the A46. All in all it was a really enjoyable evening providing my DJ services at East Bridgford Hill”.

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