What to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

by Saturday 20th June 2020blog

When planning your big day there are so many different things to think about that when it comes to the details for the day itself, you will easily forget to arrange an emergency kit even though this is important.

Planning for this may not seem that important in comparison to everything else, however on the day if you get blisters you won’t be able to forget they are there and your first dance may not be plain sailing. The same goes for if you have a mishap with your dress, a button might unexpectedly pop off, if you are not prepared for this your dress may not fit the same or not look its best.

Below I have put together a list of things you need to include in your emergency kit to be prepared for as much as possible to make your day be as enjoyable and run as smoothly as possible. 

Bride and groom smile in wedding car after ceremony


Pain Killers, for instance, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Unfortunately just because it is your wedding day it doesn’t make you exempt from feeling unwell or getting a headache, make sure you are prepared so you can be feeling you best for the day.

Personal Medications, such as Inhalers or Insulin. Make sure your wedding party know where your medications are being kept during the day in case they need to get this for you.

Plasters, make sure you get neutral skin tone plasters so if you are unable to hide them they won’t be too obvious. It will also be worth investing in blister specific plasters for full comfort, you will highly likely be needing them after a few hours into the wedding.


Deodorant, you only need a travel size of this just to have available throughout the day if you feel you need a quick freshen up.

Perfume, see if you can get a small sample bottle of your perfume so you can have this in your clutch bag throughout the day without taking up too much space.

Lipstick, make sure to have this in your clutch bag to keep yourself topped up. Confirm with your make up artist ahead of the wedding which shade you are going for so you can have the same one.

Bride with flowers in hair and pink lipstick

Hairspray, you shouldn’t need to overload your hair with hairspray as your hairdresser will have already looked after this. It’s still a  good idea to have some as a back up in case you feel your hair dropping or maybe the weather takes a turn.

Baby Wipes, these are something you would not think are necessary but as soon as you don’t have them available you wish you had brought some. These can come in handy from anything like wiping an accidental spillage off an outfit to a last-minute shoe wipe over.

Cotton Buds, they will come in handy with your make up touch-ups throughout the day.

Bride getting ready with make up artist

Clear Nail Varnish, if you are wearing tights be sure to have this in case of an emergency where you make a hole in your tights. This can be a quick fix-up to stop the hole from spreading.

Eyelash Glue, if you are having fake eyelashes with your make up you should definitely have spare eyelash glue in your clutch. Even if you have the best makeup artist in the world unfortunately fake eyelashes can sometimes be unpredictable and try and make a break from your face.


Hair Grips, you will have already had your hair done in the morning but your hair may start drop, especially after you hit the Dance Floor. This is nothing that your bridesmaids and some hair grips can’t fix for you.

Bride getting ready, putting hair up

Tights, if you are wearing tights make sure you have a spare pair. There’s only so much clear nail varnish can fix, if they are beyond repair you will need a fresh pair to change into.

Flat shoes, unless you are used to wearing heels all day without breaking a sweat having a pair of flats to change into for the evening will be a necessity. When it comes to the evening you would rather be comfortable in your flats and be able to party all night long than be in your heels and having to keep sitting down to give your feet a break. 

Bride shows flat shoes under wedding dress


Portable Charger, to keep your phone charged up in case anyone needs to contact you, this will mainly apply for your suppliers. I would recommend leaving one of your bridesmaids or maid of honour in charge of your phone for the day. Then they can filter your calls and texts and only let you know if it essential.

Tissues, there is no such thing as too many tissues for your wedding day. Even if not for you someone will be needing them.

Father of the Bride cries during wedding ceremony

Mints, you will be working your way around speaking to all of your guests throughout the day. You will want to keep yourselves smelling fresh.

Bank Card or Cash, although you may expect to have your drinks bought for you all day you want a backup plan so you are not caught short. If you are staying over at your venue it may be easier to see if you can charge any drinks to your bedroom.

Your Wedding Day Timeline and Supplier Contact Details, it is important to have a copy of these as you may need to refer to this at some point when your wedding planner isn’t instantly available to speak with. It will also be good for your bridesmaids or best men to have if they are looking after the logistics for you on the day. 

Sewing Kit – make sure that your sewing kit includes the right colours for all of the outfits in your wedding party, if you were given any spare buttons for your outfits make sure you include these. You never know when these will come in handy.

Bride getting buttons fixed on back of wedding dress

Lint Roller, just to do the final tidying up before the ceremony and maybe for a quick freshen up throughout the day. Depending on the material of your dress it may not be suitable to use a lint roller but it will be useful for the suits.

If you have anything else you think you should add to your emergency kit make sure you write it all down on one list so you can tick things off as you make up your kit, this way nothing will be forgotten.