Our musical memoir explains why a Christmas proposal is a fantastic idea.

It’s almost that time of year again! Sleigh bells ringing, snow lining the trees and rooftops, Santa soaring the skies… Well okay no, hardly any of that ever happens at UK Christmas time. Especially the snow. But what IS in the air is a general feeling of happiness, joy, love and family. So what better romantic idea is there than a Christmas proposal?

Christmas isn’t all about the weather and presents – although gifts are pretty good, admittedly – it’s about a feeling of connectivity with those around you, especially your family and loved ones. So why not channel that warm, fuzzy feeling into something truly special? 

Just imagine getting down on one knee in front of a roaring hearth as you’re all cuddled up and cosy with your significant other. Pretty heartwarming, right? Well, probably not if they say no. But hey – you’re great, and that’s pretty darn unlikely. 

Besides, if you still need a little convincing as to why a Christmas proposal is a fantastically jovial idea, we’ve put together a short list for your consideration. Oh, and we forgot to mention we’ll be doing it all through the medium of song!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

We’re not just quoting the Andy Williams Christmas classic to subtly remind you that we’re great DJs with an awesome knowledge of music, no, but Williams did get it pretty spot on. Christmas is such a warm, happy time full of mistletoe-ing, hearts glowing, caroling, spending too much money, stressing about presents, watching the Grinch on repeat and relating and… wait. Forget the last few, you get the idea. 

“When the weather outside is frightful…”

The fire is so delightful! Getting all nice and cosy next to the fire with your significant other is a gloriously romantic thing to do. And it might just set the perfect mood for a truly personal proposal.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly!”

As cheesy as these song quotes are probably getting by now, Christmas certainly is the season to be jolly! With everyone cavorting about in fantastic moods it’ll hopefully rub off on you and your partner, so you can set the perfect mood for your proposal to go off without a hitch!

“Mistletoe and wine…” 

There’s already plenty of romance in the air around Christmas time. So why not add your own romantic tale of epic proportions? Just remember to not let too much wine flow on the special day or you may end up getting down on one knee only to not get back up again, or find yourself face down in a Christmas pud. In short; get liberal with the mistletoe, but strict with the wine!

“All I want for Christmas is you…”

Remember, when it comes to Christmas presents, it’s the thought that counts. So why not let your significant other know that the main thought you’re having this Christmas is about them? Oh, but don’t forget to buy them a nice present as well – it couldn’t hurt your chances now, could it?

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