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Why Hire a Wedding DJ from Jackstar Weddings?

Good question. Or rather, it’s an easy question to answer. Because we’re great! But we would say that though wouldn’t we?

Jokes aside though, choosing a DJ for your wedding is no laughing matter. And that’s something we absolutely understand. A DJ can often be the make or break when it comes to the Wedding party, so you want a DJ you can trust. Someone who’s not going to run wild with their own deep-house playlist when you wanted a cheeky bit of Sinatra. And that, is something we can definitely do. 

Firstly, we always put our customers first. After all, it’s your wedding! This means we’ll always listen to your suggestions, and put in a helping hand wherever necessary. We’re equally more than happy to take the reigns as much as you’d like us to in terms of music and set-up if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed – which is totally natural! 

Otherwise, our goal is to help make your wedding run as smoothly as possible, which includes always being prompt in getting back to you with any and all questions you may have.

Also, first and foremost, we are professional. We are a team of specialist wedding DJs – so we know what’s appropriate in terms of tunes and dress-code, and our equipment is designed and styled fit for purpose. In short, not only do we act the part, but we look the part too!

Looking for a professional, friendly and down-to-earth DJ for your Wedding? Look no further than Jackstar Weddings. 

I was actually thinking about hiring a band…

That’s a great idea! Often though, you’ll find that hiring a band is a much more expensive endeavour; more heads to pay means a lil splash more cash – so if you’re working to a strict budget, a DJ might be the way to go. Plus, hiring a DJ gives you access to a much broader array of music, which a band just can’t bring to the table. We’re not saying hiring a band is a terrible idea (as that might sound pretty heavily biased) but there are certainly some perks of hiring a DJ instead.  

There’s also nothing stopping you from getting both! That way, you can get the band to get all the oldie classics out of the way before you step onto the late-evening floor with a dash of Disco Inferno. Sound good? No?  Alright fine – we’ll scrap the Disco Inferno.

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