Why hire a wedding planner?

by Monday 7th September 2020blog

We are delighted here at Jackstar to announce that we will soon be offering a full wedding planning service, with having the passion and experience in weddings that we do we thought we should share this with our couples and help create dream into a reality. My role is currently the wedding co-ordinator for Jackstar Weddings however this is slightly different, this means I will currently co-ordinate details to do with the specific services you have booked with us. For example, if you have a DJ booked with us I will confirm with you your music requirements, timings and details about your venue, therefore, this will be our  DJ specific co-ordinating. However, we want to be even more involved in your special day, check out below some of the services fulfilled by a wedding planner:

  • Assisting with venue sourcing for all your ceremony and reception – it can be difficult to know where to start, with so many different types of venues, capacities, locations and many other different factors.
Outdoor wedding ceremony
  • Arranging and attending venue viewings and appointments – once you have narrowed down your venue search there are so many questions you need to ask that you may not be aware of it may be best to let a professional guide you.
  • Finding the right suppliers for you and booking them – who best to support you in finding the right suppliers for you than a planner who is already in the industry with plenty of reliable contacts for you.
  • Assisting with creating your budget and keeping to it – if you have never planned a wedding before you are not necessarily going to know every element that needs to be included in your budget, it is important to get the budget right in order for the rest of your planning to be successful.
wedding planner desktop

  • Looking after all communication with your suppliers – there are many different suppliers to keep in contact with when it comes to weddings, it is difficult to keep on track of all the different information and keeping up to date with when you need to contact them, send them information and make payments. 
  • Managing your RSVP’s and helping with the floor and seating plan – this is definitely an underestimated task, couples often say they did not anticipate how long this would take and how many times you have to update your documents due to changes.
Rustic wedding table setting

  • Creating your timeline and ensuring all suppliers have a copy – your timeline is the glue of the whole day, if you have a professional assist with they will be able to go through all the different options and communicate with the suppliers to make sure the timings work for everyone. It isn’t just a case of deciding on timings and moving on, there are many factors to this to consider.
  • Managing set up and logistics on the wedding day – when it comes to the big day the last thing you want is to be having to deal with logistics and overseeing that everything is pulling together. You won’t have time to show suppliers where everything is meant to go, check everything is up to your standards and put out any DIY decorations that you have arranged yourself. Leave this to your wedding planner so you can solely focus on taking in every moment and enjoying your special day.
Wedding planner checklist
  • Dealing with any last-minute emergencies! – As much as you plan every single detail for your wedding, you can not always foresee unplanned emergencies on the day. Your wedding planning would be there to put out any fires before you have even realised anything went wrong!

Your wedding will be one of the most important and biggest days of your life, as well as including the most planning you will probably ever have to do. Hire a professional to guide you through the full process and help you to create your dream wedding. They will become more like a friend than a supplier, offering you advice and looking after responsibilities but with a wealth of knowledge and a specific passion for weddings. I am currently taking a wedding planning course to consolidate my knowledge to make sure I am ready to go with planning your wedding at the high standard your wedding deserves. Please feel free to drop me a message if you would like any more information!